I Used To Love Her-Part 2: One Wild Night

“Hey Marley. How was your day?”

“It was great David, but I missed you terribly.”

David walked into his apartment with Marley feeling like the weight of the world was off his shoulders. he was finally home to his Marley and he was able to find happiness.

David was sleeping with a smile on his face as he was thinking about his Marley. The reality was he was not even seeing her, but a dream of her. When David woke up the next morning, he was alone on Karen’s couch. That job he was flying to, well it never happened. The job fell through. He unfortunately had already moved out of his apartment on his way to California, so he was temporarily staying at Karen’s house. Karen didn’t mind him staying, after all, he was her first love and she still had hopes of being his.

“How did you sleep?” said Karen as she went to wake up David.

“I slept okay. I guess it’s time for me to find somewhere to live.”

“You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to David. You can stay here as long as you want to.”

David was loving that he had a good friend in Karen to house him, but he knew he could not stay there long. Although the vision of Karen was appealing to him, he knew he could not go there with her. After all, they were good friends for so long.

David was able to rescind his resignation from his job in town and as he left Karen’s place, he headed in to work. All the while, he was still thinking of that dream he had about Marley and of course, he was trying to figure out how to get over the love of his life still. The pictures were still fresh on his mind, even after two weeks of seeing them. Marley was the woman he imagined growing old with, having kids with and sharing his best and worst moments in life with. Alas, she was gone and he had to move on.

As he hopped in his red 325i, it seemed like every song reminded him of her and no matter how much he tried to let go, he was drawn back in. NE-YO’s “So Sick”, followed by Lennie Williams “You Know I Love You” and then Aaron Hall’s “I Miss You”. All three songs hit David to the core and as he drove along the way to work, he had tears streaming down his face.

“I don’t think I’m ever getting over her,” said David to himself as he was thinking of Marley.

Eventually he made it to work and as he hopped out of his car, he had one last thought of Marley before heading into work. As he got there, he soon got so immersed in work that he didn’t have time to think about Marley at all.

Karen had her job to go to as well that morning when David left, but before she got ready, she reached out to Marlon and Allen via text.

“I need both of you to reach out to Allen and take him out for drinks. I need his mind to get off of Marley.”

Marlon was the first to respond, saying “Let him grieve please Karen.”

Karen’s response, however, let Marlon know what she really had in mind.

“Marlon, I need you to do this so he can maybe think of me and we can start our relationship.”

When Marlon read that text, he was truly taken back by Karen. He knew Karen was in love with David, but he didn’t think she would take it that far.

He initially balked at the idea, but them Karen then pulled out all the stops to make sure he was going to help.

“Do you want me to tell David about you and Marley?”

Marlon was deathly afraid of what David finding out that .

At a fraternity party back in college, Marlon was drunk out of his mind and he saw a woman dancing across the floor seductively. Being that he had been drinking excessively because it was the end of exam week for him, he couldn’t quite recognize the face of the woman he was looking at, but he knew he wanted her after seeing her incredible body. As he moved across the floor, the woman he was eyeing from across the room turned around and began to slow wine on him. Marlon knew he wanted her and he wanted her now. He grabbed her hand and they both went to a closet in the frat house and made out in the darkness.

When Marlon exited the closet, the light finally hit his mystery woman and it was Marley. Marlon was mortified. How could he do this to one of his best friends? Well, Marley didn’t seem to mind, as she recognized Marlon and was still in the mood.

After a few more drinks at the party and a few more advances from Marley, Marlon could not push her away anymore. The two ended up at his apartment, where they had sex multiple times that night. The next morning, they both woke up naked in Marlon’s bed. The one thing they both forgot to do in their moments of passion was to lock the front door. That was when Karen came stumbling in on them as she was coming to get Marlon for the annual friends breakfast between Karen, Marlon, Allen and David.

That one momentary slip between Marlon and Marley was not to be told to David and Marlon would do anything to not have that told to him. Marlon quickly agreed to take David out for drinks and after he and Karen’s conversation via text, he reached out to David and confirmed meeting for drinks at a local bar. Marlon also reached out to Allen and made sure he was going to be there.

After a long day of work, David was in dire need of some drinks. And as he walked into the bar, he saw Marlon and Allen sitting right at the bar with a couple drinks ready for him.

“Thanks fellas. You both knew just what I needed.” said a tired David.

Drink after drink after drink, David, Allen and Marlon were throwing them back over and over and over again. After a few hours, all three men were hammered sitting at the bar falling all over themselves. The hour had gotten late and the bartender had cut them off.

Marlon was still coherent enough to call an Uber. He sent Allen home in an Uber with him slumped in the backseat. As far as David, he was in no shape to make it home by himself, so Marlon took an Uber with him and made sure he got back to Karen’s place safely.

Once at Karen’s place, Marlon helped David get to the doorstep, rung the doorbell and handed him over to Karen.

“He’s all yours Karen,” said a still intoxicated Marlon.

“Help me put him on the couch Marlon.”

Marlon would help Karen as she positioned him on the couch to sleep. Karen took his shoes, socks and shirt off as he lay there passed out on the couch from a wild night.

“Thanks for seeing things my way Marlon,” said Karen.

Marlon begrudgingly said thanks as he stumbled out the door and into the Uber on his way home.

Meanwhile, David was enjoying another fantasy about Marley, but this one was much more vivid. He was imagining himself kissing her as they entered the bedroom. He felt himself kissing her lips and other parts of her body as he began to strip of his clothes and she stripped off hers as well. David and Marley made love for hours in his dream with them ending up laying in the bed wrapped up in each other.

The next morning, David woke up with a massive headache and didn’t recognize where he was for a moment. All of his clothes were gone and he was just laying in a bed.

“Where he hell am I?”

“Hope you enjoyed last night,” said a voice coming from the other room.

David recognized that voice and he prayed that it was not true.

“David, you rocked my world last night. I finally got to sample what I have been waiting for forever. I hope you’re ready to stick around for a while now.”

And into the bedroom came Karen wearing nothing but a smile from ear to ear.






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