My Life Be Like

Ratchet ISH with my Friends

After becoming a mother I developed this sort of persona that was “goody two shoes’. Telling myself to dress this way, don’t do this, don’t have too many drinks or get home by a certain time. God forbid you twerk somewhere but sometimes I just want to do ratchet shit with my friends. I want… Continue reading Ratchet ISH with my Friends

My Life Be Like

Single Mothers and Teenage Boys

Being a mother is very fulfilling. It’s a blessing to be able to carry children and watch them grow because so many women who yearn for children don’t have the opportunity to give life naturally. I did have my children at an immature age. I had my oldest son when I was 17 years old.… Continue reading Single Mothers and Teenage Boys

Go Awf!

What’s Your Body Count?

I wanted to write an article about body count, because it seems like such a taboo topic. I never understood why people get so uncomfortable when asked about their body count. I know that a lot of people fear judgement, but at the end of the day if that's the number of people you have… Continue reading What’s Your Body Count?


The Manipulative One

When I was in middle school I met a boy (or should I say man) named Ian Michaels. I was in the 8th grade and I was 14 years old, but of course he thought I was 17. Ian was 19 years old and he had no idea I was in middle school. This relationship was… Continue reading The Manipulative One