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The Truth of Single Parenthood

Being a parent is truly a wonderful experience. I can’t wait for the day I can experience all the one in a lifetime moments with my children. I commend all parents, but I give a special praise to single parents.  The job of parenting isn’t always an easy task. I’ve known this after watching my… Continue reading The Truth of Single Parenthood

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Quarantine: A Self-Care Guide

Covid-19 is taking the nation by storm. Birthdays, date nights, and even major milestones are now put on an indefinite pause. However, I think that pause can be used on so much needed self-care. So many of us have put off hobbies, vacations, and even our loved ones due to the hustle of everyday life.… Continue reading Quarantine: A Self-Care Guide

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Avoiding Burnout: A Self-Care Guide

Avoiding Burnout: A Self-Care Guide We’re always under pressure to achieve a new goal or cross something off our to do list. We’re always breaking records and generational curses. Even if that means not prioritizing our mental health. Our bodies serve as our personal temples. Yet, sometimes we forget that we need a tune-up. Just… Continue reading Avoiding Burnout: A Self-Care Guide

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We all Need a Little TLC: Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips Finals week has started or will be approaching for college students. With all the anxiety and also joy for some students I thought it would be important to provide some self-care tips for folks to indulge in. As young black professionals and creatives we are always on the go, in meetings, studying… Continue reading We all Need a Little TLC: Self Care Tips

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My Weight Loss Battle

The scale, it's not a girl's best friend but more like the girl across the hall that gave you dirty looks and made up rumors about you in school. It's legit my worst enemy, yet I can't help but go back to it hoping it will stop deceiving me. I know, I hear it all… Continue reading My Weight Loss Battle

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Lay Up in the House Type Mood, Mood

Lay up in the house type mood Naked on the couch type mood Catch up on your shows type mood Netflix and chill type mood Soaking in the bathtub nude mood Mood Eric Bellinger couldn't have explained my lifestyle at 27 years old any better. I am not ashamed. Let me tell ya'll, I have… Continue reading Lay Up in the House Type Mood, Mood

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Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.

Looking at me you can never tell if I'm having a good or bad day because the expression on my face doesn't change much. Can we say permanent bitch face? Also there are times I enjoy being to myself, so if you catch me being extremely quiet you may assume something is wrong when it's… Continue reading Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.

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5 Tips To Being A Happy And Productive Work-From-Home Mom

As a work from home mom, I have come to face many difficulties over the years. Between caring for my children, taking care of the home and making sure we have food on the table, there isn't much time left for business, let alone time for myself. I have realized that the only way to… Continue reading 5 Tips To Being A Happy And Productive Work-From-Home Mom


Slowly But Surely #Progress

Hey guys, I feel like I had a very productive week. I have been working hard for my event planning internship and I have been grinding at my full time job as well. My level of productivity has definitely increased and now my best friend and I have finally started talking about our plans to… Continue reading Slowly But Surely #Progress