We all Need a Little TLC: Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips

Finals week has started or will be approaching for college students. With all the anxiety and also joy for some students I thought it would be important to provide some self-care tips for folks to indulge in. As young black professionals and creatives we are always on the go, in meetings, studying for exams, working to accomplish our many goals. Often times we forget to stop and take some time to appreciate ourselves. Here are some tips for us all to consider on our self-care journies:

  • Say NO! – Sometimes turning down dinner and drinks could be what you need to bring you a small moment of peace, stay in and use that time to unwind and relax. Light some candles, play some music, get ya Badu on.
  • Get a good night’s rest – put your phone somewhere else in your room and GO TO SLEEP! Your body will thank you and you won’t be dragging your ass out of bed in the morning.
  • Eat breakfast – Cereal, bagels, tea, toast, whatever it is that floats your boat.
  • Keep a journal – Write your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and goals. Journaling can be therapeutic when you don’t have access to a therapist. If you got something to say, say it in your journal, not on Instagram.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes – Apple music has tons of relaxation playlist to help you center yourself for a few minutes out of your day. Free your mind from your thoughts, focus on yourself and breathe. Namaste.
  • Social media cleanse – Log out of your social media accounts for a day and live.
  • Solo date night – Take yourself to the movies, go to your favorite restaurant, have a picnic, go to a museum, but do it ALONE. So much of our time is spent with friends, family, and niggas we don’t even have titles for…. Take some time to get to know you.
  • Spa day – Go pick up some of your favorite face masks, nail polish and essential oils and have yourself a spa day. Take a nice warm bath, moisturize your skin and paint your nails. A little TLC goes a long way.
  • Create something new – Make a vision board, write a poem, create a goal/bucket list. Embark on a new project, that is unrelated to work/academia and simply have fun. Brainstorm ideas that will boost creativity for the day. Give yourself time to focus on the things you love.
  • Love on yourself – May is #NationalMasturbationMonth, so set the mood, grab some lube and get in tune with your body.



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