Lay Up in the House Type Mood, Mood

Lay up in the house type mood

Naked on the couch type mood

Catch up on your shows type mood

Netflix and chill type mood

Soaking in the bathtub nude mood


Eric Bellinger couldn’t have explained my lifestyle at 27 years old any better. I am not ashamed. Let me tell ya’ll, I have been partying since the age of 12 and I am pooped. This girl that Eric Bellinger was talking about, was me. I rush home from work just to lay up in my house and do nothing. I spend so much time at work and in traffic, all I have time for when I come home is taking a bath, watching a little tv, cook or eat, maybe work on a design, then it’s bed time. I look forward to it every day too.

I know you tired
You work long days
You don’t get sleep
You don’t complain
You just take care of the business
You ain’t got no time for no bullshit mood

I work A LOT. I work fulltime and commute from Hayward to San Pablo everyday, teach cheer, dance, and work on all 3 of my businesses weekly. I am so tired throughout the week it’s crazy! So of course being at home is literally all I want to do. In the last few years my sleep has been terrible. This was due to me living on top of a bar. That’s a post for another time. But since I’ve moved and I changed my home routine up, I have been going to sleep early. I have noticed the change in my attitude daily, just by practicing simple self care routines at home.


Don’t get me wrong, I still go out, but to very selective events. For my business, I am out and about networking and making connections. When money is the motivation, I will be where I need to be. Usually those aren’t parties either, they are events. Believe me there is a huge difference. For business purposes I attend events in a drop of a hat. But for leisure, I will really sit and second guess going. I get tired early anyway. I am that person that leave the club at 11pm. It’s the square and old lady in me.

There were times I would go to day parties just to go, but now i need it to be a certain type of crowd for me to attend. A lot of events to me are becoming similar with crowd, music, and themes. It gets old. Then, I start thinking about what show I could be watching at home or thinking about a bubble bath with a glass of wine. I am not into twerking buns on anyone, sweating, being touched and harassed by randoms, paying hella money for 1 drink when I can buy 3 bottles of wine for that same price. I still get my lil 2 step on here and there for special occasions but I’d rather be at home watching diy videos on YouTube and watching Brooklyn 99 with my man.

signs-youre-washed-1-you-rarely-go-out-2-stomach-37585570 (1)

I really enjoy my own company. I feel that a lot of people can’t say that. All during middle school through college, people were always around me. At my house, dorm room, and apartment. I was going out every weekend. Today, I live for moments I am alone, doing nothing, not thinking, just being. I am always on the go. My boyfriend encourages me to get my rest and recharge. Even though partying isn‘t my mood anymore, being an educator, advocate, and business woman is. And all of those things are hard tasks. But being a homebody when life allows me to be, I take full advantage and proud of it.

Some of the things I do now, I thought I would do when I’m much older. But everything happened right on time. I enjoy hiking, traveling, visiting new grocery stores, going on walks, hiking, watching craft videos, I would pick any of these activities over going out. Many would call me an old lady. I would say I enjoy peace, simplicity, and being at home.

I challenge you to take a day of self care and enjoy your home. Create a list such as cleaning, watching tv, create something, cook something new, sleep, read, etc. and see how great of a mood you will be in.


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