The Setback

I didn’t see it.

I didn’t realize how…

… how natural it is…

… how inescapable it is.

I thought that I was a failure

Like I wasn’t doing it right

Like I was behind in life

Like I was STAGNANT.

I thought that my family would judge me

Like I wasn’t trying hard enough

Like I wasn’t giving it my all

Like I was A BAD SEED.

I thought my friends would leave me

Like I was baggage

Like I made them look bad

Like I was A BURDEN.

But… I was wrong.

So very wrong indeed.

I didn’t see it…

… see it until now.

I am NOT a failure

I am a fighter

I am a conqueror


My family did NOT judge me

They spoke life into me

They motivated me

They supported my GROWTH.

My friends didn’t leave me

They encouraged me

They fought with me

They positively UPLIFTED ME.

I didn’t realize how…

…how natural it is…

…how inescapable it is…

…how okay it is…

…to be set back.


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