My eyes are tired from wrestling with my dreams at night, my body’s weary from fighting all the demons creeping their way inside.

My soul, it’s wounded from all the secrets I know, but I can’t give up now, I gotta go with the flow.

My mind is racing with thoughts of all my struggle and strife, my heart is heavy because of the trouble in my life, My feet are tired of running from all of the pain I know, but I can’t stop now, gotta go with the flow.

I’ve torn parts of myself away to sew the spirits of others, to keep families close knit, taking all the blows, blocking all the hits. I’ve been catching their tears to water the seeds that keep our communities growing and doing all of this without knowing… I had given all my pieces away.

Next time this stream will come to an end, this love will now have conditions, these feet will rest without guilt, these hands will no longer catch the burdens that are too heavy for others to carry, this time I won’t go with the flow, this time I’m saying no!