My Life Be Like


My eyes are tired from wrestling with my dreams at night, my body's weary from fighting all the demons creeping their way inside. My soul, it's wounded from all the secrets I know, but I can't give up now, I gotta go with the flow. My mind is racing with thoughts of all my struggle… Continue reading Flow

My Life Be Like, poetry

Misha’s Room Episode 2: Side Bitch

Hey y'all! Returners, I'm glad you decided to make your way back to my neck of the woods! Newcomers, welcome to Misha's Room! You can follow this link to the first episode if you'd like to get a lil background on what goes on here and play catch up. Make yourself at home! Based on the… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 2: Side Bitch

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Two Is Not About to Play That Game

Open relationships of any type are only something created by men and I’ll prove it to you. Unless your religious preference is Mormon I’ve never seen it last and the only reason that it works for that group is because they are taught it as a norm since birth. Outside of that it won’t work,… Continue reading Two Is Not About to Play That Game


How to Spot a Player

Hey ya'll! This post has been a long time coming. Everyone who follows me knows that I have the worst luck when dating, so here is a guide from someone who has experienced a lot of these things first hand. Check out my list and please comment and provide feedback 🙂 This is f*** Boy… Continue reading How to Spot a Player


Anti- Men Playlist

Hey ya'll! In honor of my terrible luck with men I decided to make an anti- men playlist with all the jams I've listened to in order to bounce back LOL enjoy 😉 Kiss My a**- K. Michelle F*** You- K. Michelle N*****- Kehlani B.A.N.S.- Sevyn Streeter Needed Me- Rihanna Bust Your Windows- Jazmine Sullivan… Continue reading Anti- Men Playlist