Two Is Not About to Play That Game


Open relationships of any type are only something created by men and I’ll prove it to you. Unless your religious preference is Mormon I’ve never seen it last and the only reason that it works for that group is because they are taught it as a norm since birth. Outside of that it won’t work, because of the key weaknesses that can and will crush any human being on this planet: pride and jealousy.

Finding love with one person that you can truly love is something so complicated on a grand scale level, then to add another person into that is chaos. The temptation of chaos is at first something exciting, new, and benefits you. But once it doesn’t is when it shows its true colors entirely. Now as far as this being gender based it’s simple, sex. I don’t care how long you have been dating, married, or seeing one guy deep down ever man has somewhat of a fantasy of being with two women, tell me I’m lying. As a man can I explain why? No, I guess because of the false portrayal the porn industry has painted a false picture of what threesomes look like. In the porn industry there isn’t sweat, all that fake moaning is a lie, and depending on your age I’m not sure people understand the proper physique you need to be in to please multiple women at once.

Now let’s flip that around. The boyfriend, husband, boo thang, bae you been with for x amount of time, look them dead in their eyes ladies and tell them that you want to be pleased by another man and them. If they aren’t upset or hurt in any form at all I’m sorry to break your feelings but you don’t mean anything to them. As a man I know men. We have egos and trust when I tell you if something has value, true precious value to that man, he wants to be the only source of pleasure for you.

I’ll break it down to you even more hypothetically. You just went to McDonalds, you get yourself dollar menu, burger, fries, and a drink. You get to the house, your girlfriend comes over and asks if she can have some, some of y’all already like yeah girl go ahead. Now let’s say this meal is your custom-made steak made from The Creator herself and is only available to eat once, would you still be as generous? Now add ego and pride to it, that’s us as men. I’ve fought my blood biological brother for things less than dollar menu food I’ll tell you that and I love him.

No true man wants to share his woman with another man at all because in our eyes that means that we as men aren’t doing our job correctly. A real man wants to provide for his woman not even on a controlling factor it’s just our way of showing the true worth of what you mean to us. If I don’t fuck with you don’t sit at my table and eat with us, but if you are my woman (which is my wife. I’m happily married and she’s crazy she’ll cut you!) all that I have is yours. Mind, body, and soul. Anything less is an insult to you and unfair to me.

If you out there having open relationships then you go out there and live your best life love if it works for you then that’s you. I’m not trying to stop nobody’s grind, love, or hustle, get it boo. But if you’re on the fence about it and it has been brought to you multiple times on various levels, you may want to scan yourself and check to see if the price tag matches our true value.




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