My Life Be Like


To care, or not to care? That is the question, or so it may seem One who boasts of an eye that's ever-watching But possesses an ignorance that's so mean The most inactive, entitled, hypocritical Person that you've ever seen Driven by fear, selfishness and loathing... Or something deeper in between Uninformed, unaware, unbothered Or… Continue reading Complacency

Go Awf!

Two Is Not About to Play That Game

Open relationships of any type are only something created by men and I’ll prove it to you. Unless your religious preference is Mormon I’ve never seen it last and the only reason that it works for that group is because they are taught it as a norm since birth. Outside of that it won’t work,… Continue reading Two Is Not About to Play That Game


Long Distance Relationships

If someone asked me my opinion about long distance relationships a couple years ago my response would have been different than my response today. At this point in life, I have seen some long distance relationships fail and some succeed. I have been the shoulder to cry on when people have discovered infidelities and lies… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships


20 of my Biggest Turn Ons

Hi readers! After providing 20 of my Biggest turn Offs I decided to create a 20 of my Biggest Turn Ons Post. Here it is! Please comment and provide feedback. I don't think my standards are that high haha. PS. My top 3 turn ons are highlighted 🙂 Arms- I have a thing for nice, cut… Continue reading 20 of my Biggest Turn Ons