20 of my Biggest Turn Ons

Hi readers!

After providing 20 of my Biggest turn Offs I decided to create a 20 of my Biggest Turn Ons Post. Here it is! Please comment and provide feedback. I don’t think my standards are that high haha.

PS. My top 3 turn ons are highlighted 🙂

  1. Arms– I have a thing for nice, cut arms. They are my weakness!
  2. Glasses– I like glasses, I.D.K. why the nerd look just attracts me.
  3. Sense of Humor– I have to date someone who is funny and goofy. Someone super serious all the time will not work with my personality.
  4. Tall- I do not think I could date someone shorter than me… At 5’7, I need someone at least 5’10.
  5. Not into social media– When guys are totally into social media networks and constantly on them I am super turned off, so I prefer someone who doesn’t have them or does, but barely uses them.
  6. Cheap– I am SUPER cheap and I like to save money, so a guy who is the same way and non materialistic is ideal.
  7. Creative– I like to do creative things that are out of the norm- the basic dinner and a movie gets old to me, so I can not be with someone boring and basic.
  8. Open minded– I am used to dating people who are very closed minded and stuck in their ways and beliefs. I’d rather have someone open to all things, even if they do not agree.
  9. Religious– Finding someone who is a believer is extremely important to me, so I want someone who regularly attends church and prays.
  10. Social- Someone who is not awkward and can talk to people no matter the setting or location is a turn on. I always end up with people who are reserved and it always sucks in social situations.
  11. Romantic– Every girl wants a guy who is romantic. Flowers, letters and surprises are always welcome 🙂
  12. Dominant- A guy who takes control is amazing… can’t stand submissive guys who expect the women to run the relationship… it shouldn’t work that way.
  13. Family Oriented- Guys who are close to their family is such a turn on. If a guy is estranged from his family that is a red flag in my book.
  14. Supportive- Someone supportive is the #1 turn on. Bouncing ideas back and forth and getting that feedback is great! Your BF/ GF should be your #1 cheering you on, not tearing you down.
  15. Affectionate– Cuddling, kissing and holding hands is great. I am not a fan of PDA, but these little basic signs of affection I love.
  16. Good at Communicating– Guys who can express themselves is a turn on. Tell me how you feel and be transparent at all times. That’s all I ask for.
  17. A little clingy– I like attention so I want the good morning texts, random calls, random pics… but of course do not overdue it. Just make me a priority.
  18. Observant– A guy who pays attention to detail is my favorite thing ever! Like the movie Stomp the Yard, when ole’ boy guessed what Megan Good’s characters favorite color was, but her own boyfriend didn’t even know. I want a relationship like that!
  19. Knows how to Cook– Man a guy who can cook is super dope. I like going out to eat and I can cook, but cook for me and you’ll win my heart haha.
  20. Clean Cut– I like someone who takes care of themselves- hair and facial hair kept up, clothes ironed and organized, always smells bomb, you know the basics L.O.L.

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