Unexpectedly Phoneless

Hey guys!

So this long weekend has been great so far. I got to relax Friday and yesterday (Saturday) I spent time with my bestfriend. However, the most annoying thing EVER happened last night. My phone died and will not turn back on. I knew I would need a new cellphone soon, because my touch screen has been tweaking and my battery life has gotten shorter and shorter. However, I did not expect my phone to give out on me 12 days before my vacation!

I have been budgeting very smart to prepare for this trip, and I had planned out where my money would go for the next two weeks. Unfortunately, everything changes now. I have to pay for a new cellphone and also wait three days for it to come in (I have to file an insurance claim).

What’s more annoying is that all this happened right before my mini family vacation today. We were supposed to be on the road today and literally had to stop at the AT&T store right before our trip to see what my options were. I was so annoyed when the lady told me my new phone would come in three days. I am definitely not used to being phoneless. After having an attitude for about thirty minutes, I started to be grateful. I have insurance on my cellphone, which means the new one will only be $150, and I also have an amazing little sister who is letting me use her second phone to talk to everyone in the meantime.

My phone situation happened at an inconvenient time, but it could definitely be a lot worse. I am on a vacation with my family, and tomorrow (Labor Day) will be fun! Everyone have fun and be safe. When you feel yourself getting upset over the small things, remember it could be much worse.


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