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Why it benefits MEN to give WOMEN head

Chileeeeee. I was on FaceTime with one of my good girlfriends having a Rona happy hour, and we got to talking about what separates the boys from the men. She a whollllllle therapist honey, so she starting talking about emotional openness and communication skills like the educated woman that she is. BUT ME? I haddd… Continue reading Why it benefits MEN to give WOMEN head


The Inspiration Behind James

Earlier this year I was determined to find the perfect guy. I discovered an app called BLK, which was marketed as Tinder for black people. I downloaded the app and set my standards- must have a job, must be in early 30's, must be taller than me, must have no kids. I was excited to… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind James

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Dude, You’re Not My Boss!

I'm really starting to realize it's not always the job that I don't like but the people I work with that make me dread coming into work. No matter where you work or how much you enjoy the job I can guarantee you there is going to be that one person who irks every living… Continue reading Dude, You’re Not My Boss!

My Life Be Like

The Struggle Between being the Bigger Person and Telling it Like it is

I have always been one to be fairly quiet. Keeping my emotions in and allowing others around me to use their words to get me down. Mostly for two reasons; 1. I did not want to have confrontation with anyone (verbally or physically). 2. I felt that because I had so much built up, no… Continue reading The Struggle Between being the Bigger Person and Telling it Like it is


Unexpectedly Phoneless

Hey guys! So this long weekend has been great so far. I got to relax Friday and yesterday (Saturday) I spent time with my bestfriend. However, the most annoying thing EVER happened last night. My phone died and will not turn back on. I knew I would need a new cellphone soon, because my touch… Continue reading Unexpectedly Phoneless