Dude, You’re Not My Boss!

I’m really starting to realize it’s not always the job that I don’t like but the people I work with that make me dread coming into work. No matter where you work or how much you enjoy the job I can guarantee you there is going to be that one person who irks every living part of you. You can look at their face and all you can imagine is introducing your fist to it but being you don’t want to be fired and sent to jail for assault you keep your composure and do your best to make it through your day.

Most of the time it’s my managers that irritate the hell out of me and I’ve had to let them know a few times. First it was the woman who worked at Wet Seal. Don’t get me wrong I loved the hiring manager but the co-manager I didn’t like one thing about her. I quit within the second week and never walked into that store again. Then it was the manager who had a smart-ass mouth and thought quiet Sydney wouldn’t say anything back. Let me tell you, I sent myself home and told her I’d be back when I was in a better mood.

BUT this time around it’s a co-worker who walks around like he’s the boss of the group and half of the time when he thinks he’s right he ends up wrong. My actual manager doesn’t even act like the head man in charge so I don’t see where this guy gets off doing it. I try not to get too much into the whites vs. colored talk but his white privilege has definitely gone to his head

White Privilege:

Inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.

There was a moment where one of my co-workers, who is also an African-American woman, might I add the only one besides me, told him how a certain tool or something to that extent wouldn’t work and he had the nerve to act like what she was saying was incorrect and then when proven right he didn’t even bother to say sorry. His response was “Maybe I would have taken your word if you had a degree in that field”. All I could do was look at my computer and roll my eyes into the back of my head. But that’s not  even what irritated me the most about him…

For the most part I have always been the one person at work who kept her head down and just got my shit done. In the position I’m in now I have to be a little more vocal and this guy makes it hard asf. Being a woman in the workplace, especially in the tech industry, is already hard enough, but add-on being a black woman and it feels like you always have eyes on you. I can’t even count the amount of times I could just feel the hateful energy and almost see their eyes saying what is that black girl doing in our space. I can only imagine what they would think if I actually popped off one day.

Now add on a co-worker who wants to try to manage how you work, how you think, and always wants to have a say in how things should be done. It’s like dude, you’re not my boss. Literally every meeting we’ve had, this white boy either ignores my input, changes my suggestions I’ve put on the sheet, or he argues with me and the other black girl down until she finally says fuck it (I don’t back down as easily because he don’t be making no damn sense). Then at the end of all his back and forth debating, the next day or a few days later he’s backpedaling to what she and I already said should have been done.

I cannot stand it and it just reminds me why I really hope to one day work for myself and hire my own damn team. I just don’t understand why white men always want to feel like they are right and in charge of shit.

Jesus fix it!



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