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Dude, You’re Not My Boss!

I'm really starting to realize it's not always the job that I don't like but the people I work with that make me dread coming into work. No matter where you work or how much you enjoy the job I can guarantee you there is going to be that one person who irks every living… Continue reading Dude, You’re Not My Boss!

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Why Everyday is the Perfect Day to Boss Up

'Cause it's just another day in the life of a goddam boss- Rick RossBy Nicolette Stewart Writer’s block. We’ve all experienced it. It’s been the reason your favorite artist delayed an album drop. Or why you took a fifteen point L on your English paper, when you just couldn’t turn 750 words to 1,000. Writer’s… Continue reading Why Everyday is the Perfect Day to Boss Up


Why I WON’T Keep a Job

NEW JOB About a month ago, I started a job at a pediatrics dental office. This is once again, a random job, but at my last job my 24 year old boss had a major power trip so after a month when a situation occurred, (that's a story for another day) I decided (after getting… Continue reading Why I WON’T Keep a Job