Why I WON’T Keep a Job



About a month ago, I started a job at a pediatrics dental office. This is once again, a random job, but at my last job my 24 year old boss had a major power trip so after a month when a situation occurred, (that’s a story for another day) I decided (after getting hired at the dentist job) that it was time to part ways.

I was a little hesitant to accept this new job, because they don’t pay well at all. They told me my asking rate was “a little high” for someone with no medical experience. However, I still decided to accept the offer they gave me, because I figured 1.) They had benefits, which I desperately need now that I am 26 and am no longer covered my by dad’s insurance and 2.) Anything would be better than my job at the attic insulation company.

Boy was I wrong…


Ever since I started working here my bosses have been extremely rude. I started around the same time as my coworker and we have been constantly spoken to disrespectfully and chastised. I’ve kind of shrugged it off, because I know that no matter what job I am at I will find something I don’t like, but today has me left feeling extreme discontent.

Lately my bosses have not been too rude, because little to no mistakes have been made in the last two weeks. However, today my coworker and I both screwed up on separate things and my boss decided to retaliate by saying that we temporarily can not come in to work on Mondays.

This was beyond me and completely unexpected. Although every other Monday is optional for us, because we only see patients every other Monday, my coworker and I have been coming in to work because we need the money. My boss is upset that we made a few mistakes so he decides to slash eight hours off of our check every pay period until he decides we’ve “learned our lesson”? What kind of tom foolery is that?

While I understand that there is little room for mistakes in the medical field, I don’t think his reaction today was professional.

  1. The mistakes we made were mistakes we have never made before.
  2. There were no warnings and/or a write up issued previously.


I can definitely accept repercussions for my actions, but when you start messing with MY MONEY I have an issue. My bosses expect all of our work to be flawless, but they are literally so behind that we have gotten thrown into the motion without proper training. While I have been working there, I have noticed a plethora of employee names in the system which clearly indicates the high turnover rate this company has. I really wish I could talk to the past employees and ask them why they left. I’m pretty sure it’s because of reasons like this.


My dad called me and asked me how work was today and while my mind told me to say “work was good” I couldn’t lie to him. I went on a rant about how I hate these jobs and how I just want to stop working for people and be my own boss. He told me (as he told me before) that most people don’t like their jobs and that I need to keep working at different jobs until I “find something bearable.” I responded to my dad by saying he doesn’t understand how being a creative at a job building someone else’s dream while I could be writing and working on my own dreams makes me sick. He then brought up how I need to work for someone, because when I start to get older I will need to have retirement funds and pension. I kindly explained to him that he just doesn’t get how a lot of millennials care more about happiness and being our own bosses rather than stability.  I could tell there was a disconnect, but I kept talking and the conversation ended with me telling my dad that I am 26, I have no kids and I have nothing to lose. His response was to “hang in there.”


Why have I had three different jobs in the last year? Because in 2018 I realized my worth and that I will NOT put up with being treated less than by these employers. I don’t deserve it and it’s never worth the change they pay. Why should I stress over a job that doesn’t give a damn about me, like at all?

When I found out my granny passed away, I came in to work the next day with no sleep and a tear stricken face. My boss didn’t even bat an eye when I explained why I looked so bad, and she proceeded to ask me a question about work. I told myself if I was a boss and one of my employees came in looking like I looked, I would ask them if they wanted to go home. I would be sympathetic and put aside the fact that I have a business to run. My mom tried to tell me that when I become a boss I will change and be just like these employees that are so heartless, but no, I could never!


I don’t really know what I am going to do next regarding my work situation. Everyone is saying “talk to your boss” but I don’t really give a damn what he has to say after he made that decision. Then my other boss who is lower than him on the totem pole had the nerve to say “Oh he’s just mad right now, he’ll probably let you guys come in on Mondays,” but honestly the fact that he even threatened it disgusts me and makes me over it.

Don’t worry, I am not going to do anything irrational, but please pray that I come to a solution, because I feel restless everyday I go in there and clock in. I’m constantly thinking about how those ten hours a day could be used to create and work on my goals. I’ll keep you guys updated though.


Am I overreacting to what happened today? Sound off in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Why I WON’T Keep a Job

  1. I think you should find something along the lines that suits your assets. Finding the perfect job is never easy. It does take trial and error but I do believe that there’s something for everyone. Or start a business of your own. Maybe along the lines of something you’re struggling with today so people don’t have the struggle with it in the future.


  2. I think most of us millennials were ill prepared for the real world upon leaving college. I, too, feel as a college educated person I should not have to deal with the same type of work issues as an inexperienced or uneducated employee, unfortunately that is not the case. I was under the illusion that going to school meant you could be better off but you still start the same bottom of the barrel as someone who just got out of high school. I have learned that we all gotta deal with crap for a while until we get to a point where we run the shots (if you’re in a position where you can run your own business then you should). It’s all a learning curve really. Employers should be compassionate, but reality is they don’t have to be. When in these stressful times remember don’t quit a job without having one lined up, saying less will pay off if you’re in the heat of the moment, and do self care as much as possible. This is all temporary.


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