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TSS – “Writings On The Wall”

Hey Everyone!  It's been awhile since I've given you a look into one of my poems from my book The Diary of She - Vol. II. Today's poem is entitled Writings On The Wall. I wrote this during a time when I was weak and willing to deal with almost anything to keep the person… Continue reading TSS – “Writings On The Wall”

Go Awf!

State of Hip-Hop: Tekashi Can’t Sit With Us

Tekashi69 over the last year or two has been telling grown men to check his gangster and to suck his dick. My grandmother used to always say pay attention to what I say, because I may speak it into existence. But boy oh boy Tekashi, seems like you may be getting that wish. So, let… Continue reading State of Hip-Hop: Tekashi Can’t Sit With Us


Why I WON’T Keep a Job

NEW JOB About a month ago, I started a job at a pediatrics dental office. This is once again, a random job, but at my last job my 24 year old boss had a major power trip so after a month when a situation occurred, (that's a story for another day) I decided (after getting… Continue reading Why I WON’T Keep a Job

My Life Be Like

Cutting Ties With the Ex

Lets just start with LEAVE YOUR EX AT THE DOOR! And let me explain to you why. That person is not in your life for a reason. Whether it be constant fighting or arguing. Maybe some infidelities or even the fact that they just didn’t grow with you as a person. Either way it goes… Continue reading Cutting Ties With the Ex


Why I SMH at Dating in 2016

Hey guys, Being single again has made me notice a lot about people. I have made some observations about women and men, so this post is dedicated to how I feel about dating in 2016. Some may call this a rant... but it is what it is L.O.L. In 2016, people think it is okay… Continue reading Why I SMH at Dating in 2016