State of Hip-Hop: Tekashi Can’t Sit With Us


Tekashi69 over the last year or two has been telling grown men to check his gangster and to suck his dick. My grandmother used to always say pay attention to what I say, because I may speak it into existence. But boy oh boy Tekashi, seems like you may be getting that wish. So, let me openly say now I’m not a fan of the kid. I have never heard any of his music, so it’s based on homeboy’s looks alone.

Rainbow haired kid with a rainbow grill that’s talking a lot of big noise but hasn’t done anything, no thank you. It seemed like the only reason that I was even hearing the dudes name was because of all the drama that he was causing with others. That was instantly a red flag in my opinion. If you are supposed to have a profession and talking big shit on it at least let your craft known be known. At the same time as I reflect on his numbers they were doing very very well, but were these numbers based off his music or by the shenanigans?

Tekashi kept claiming to be gangster and be a Blood but he didn’t seem to have any official OG’s around him. There were no known big gang affiliates that seemed to be approving or validating these actions. I’m not involved in that type of lifestyle, but I’ve been around family members and friends that have been involved in that type of lifestyle so I have a general understanding of how these types of organizations operate and something didn’t seem right to me.

Tekashi was going around to people’s cities initiating challenges and telling these people to come find them and yet he was hiding. How is that gangster? You are doing all this big talk and threatening people, but when it comes to them checking you he wants to hide behind his security. Then somewhat overnight Tekashi says that he is done working with his current team because they were all stealing from him and saying that he was never really a Blood. This had us all lost and confused because suddenly this so-called gangster was acting like he was all innocent.

Then low and behold next thing we hear is that the FBI has been investigating and Tekashi was in prison and made a deal to snitch on everyone. How did we get here though? How did this half Mexican half Puerto Rican come into a black culture, disrespect everyone and make millions off it? Would the same be possible for a black young man? Would he be able to put on some cowboy boots and cowboy hat, blow up in the country music scene and tell the community to lick his black boots?

Tekashi’s baby mother sat down and did an interview with DJ Vlad and was saying that he was always a very smart kid. So, going off that do you think that Tekashi was the mastermind behind all of this and catfished our entire community? I think so. I think all of this was planned and Daniel knew what he was doing. His baby mama was saying that he never was really into rapping and then suddenly, he was a rapper. The people that were around him were getting all these luxurious things because Tekashi was bringing in a lot of money for all of them. Little did they know that he was planning to use and turn on them.

Even after being charged with nine felonies, he somehow finessed the judicial system with his lawyers to where he can snitch and won’t do jail time. Nine felonies and since he’s snitching they are all just going to snap their fingers and it will all go away.

There have been a lot of debates and talks with commentators in the hip hop community discussing if Tekashi should even be allowed in hip-hop. I feel like he shouldn’t be allowed to step foot into the community. He came into it, disrespected everyone and finessed the shit out of all his fans. He was portraying something that he wasn’t, which most of us thought anyway. My biggest issue is the fact that various cultures believe that they can come into our house and disrespect our furniture. That was a metaphor of course, but I just never understood why we seem to allow various people to come into our culture and disrespect it, collect the bag and then dip. Until we learn the true value of our culture, we will continue to be disrespected by anyone who wants to take it.


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