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Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

Kings & queens of color!! Ya’ll remember growing up, getting your hair done, and only needing blue magic and some water to get you right?  Those were the days when natural hair was made easy.   I don’t recall my mom ever experimenting with a lot of different products to figure out what my hair… Continue reading Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

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How Digital Activism Campaigns Build Community

Digital activism campaigns are an effective means of protest in our modern-day society. These campaigns are beneficial in rebuilding communities and providing a circle of support. Thousands of young TikTok users and Kpop fans were given credit the small Tulsa turnout. On June 20th, 2020, Trump appeared in Tulsa to what was expected to be… Continue reading How Digital Activism Campaigns Build Community

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Lucid Reality

The ancient African philosophy Ubuntu is the belief in infant abundance-unity within the community. Living life with no currency, boarding or trading due to it being manipulated through exploitation. “Because I am we are.” Imagine having everything you need exactly when you need it, eliminating the need to “save for a rainy day” or hoard… Continue reading Lucid Reality

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Little Brown Boy

This one time in 2020… I had to tell my son about his chocolate skin in America… How his skin is so dark he might be mistaken for a monkey or a hoodlum. How his big natural curly afro can be offensive to some people with no melanin in their skin. How to keep his… Continue reading Little Brown Boy

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Painting A Picture of Love

When I was eleven years old, at the time I did not realize that I was taking a picture that would be so precious to me, and that it would lead to such a special moment between me and one of my closest friends. As I mentioned in my previous article, Emily Lauren Mata, an… Continue reading Painting A Picture of Love

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Hi! In honor of Black History Month, we at QMC have collectively created this powerful playlist of songs that have inspired us as Black Men and Women. Enjoy and let us know what you think of our choices in the comments 🙂 Freedom- Beyonce ft. Kendrick Lamar This is America- Childish Gambino Glory-Common ft.… Continue reading BLACK HISTORY MONTH POWERFUL PLAYLIST

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Black On Both Sides Episode 6 Advance Review

  *Note. This is an advance review of an episode that will be available December 9thon” Alonge Hawes REALLY wants black men and women to go ahead and get every hateful, vile, ignorant, misinformed, misunderstood, and mis-educated thought we’ve ever had about one another off of our chests. He wants us to spit it,… Continue reading Black On Both Sides Episode 6 Advance Review

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Don’t Touch my Weeeeeed!

  As we know the cannabis industry is growing tremendously as more places in the U.S begin to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana. There has also been a rise in YT “progressives” capitalizing off of marijuana by starting lucrative businesses. All over the country people are opening dispensaries, and promoting their cannabis businesses on Instagram.… Continue reading Don’t Touch my Weeeeeed!

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Over Worked N Under Paid: The Stresses of Working in Social Justice

Working in the field of social justice has been an interest of mine for the last three years. My experience working with youth, immigrants in New York, women of color and in the field of education have taught me so much about community engagement. I love that I am able to understand how different social… Continue reading Over Worked N Under Paid: The Stresses of Working in Social Justice

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The Era of the Blerds: We Got the Juice

How many of you have known that awkward black kid that was either in your neighborhood or school that always stood out the most but not in a good way? The kid that illustrated the typical stereotype of having glasses, dressing weird, running with their hands behind their back like anime characters. These kind of… Continue reading The Era of the Blerds: We Got the Juice