Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

Kings & queens of color!! Ya’ll remember growing up, getting your hair done, and only needing blue magic and some water to get you right?  Those were the days when natural hair was made easy.   I don’t recall my mom ever experimenting with a lot of different products to figure out what my hair needed.  She always just knew and everything she used always kept my hair healthy and growing.  If I could get those days back, I’d probably appreciate my natural hair journey a lot more than I do now.  

When I began my natural hair journey 3 years ago, I approached it with a lot of desperation and zero confidence.  My natural curl pattern had become dull and lifeless due to heat damage from getting it straightened biweekly.  When I wanted to wear my natural curls in between getting a flat iron, I always got the worst results.  My frustration caused me to grab a pair of scissors one day and unevenly chop off all of my heat damaged ends.  After that, I never looked back. My main goal in this journey was to transition back to healthy, thick, curly hair by refraining from heat.  I never imagined that today I would become this confident, embracing my curls, making my own natural hair products, and swearing by coconut oil.  Also, having the pleasure of encouraging and uplifting other kings and queens who are learning to embrace the beauty of their own natural hair journey.  

It’s so amazing to see how the natural hair community continues to grow.  More and more  people are making the conscious decision to stick to their roots and confidently own it.  “We don’t go natural, we return.” I love seeing a great amount of black public figures men, women, and children stand out and rebel against the false portrayal of who we naturally are.  It speaks volumes! Those positive images and representations of our culture makes me so proud to not only be a black woman but  also be a part of the movement.

Truthfully, there were many times in my journey when I felt that if my hair wasn’t done, I didn’t really see the beauty in myself.  I felt that it had always had to be kept and maintained by wearing weaves, braids, wigs or any type of enhancements.  That’s what gave me more confidence  and made me feel not only more presentable but more desirable as opposed to when it was in its natural state.  When those views of myself reversed, and I felt more beautiful with my natural hair despite what it looked like to anyone else, I knew that my natural hair journey was serving me well.  

My journey has taken me to a place where I’m inspired to give back to my community by helping other natural kings and queens become confident with the natural state of their hair.    I created Nubian Hair care to implement that growth, nurture, moisture, and manageability to maintain natural hair is achievable.  All ingredients used are natural and organic and each product is made with love. I’m so grateful for the love I have received while pursuing this dream over the past 2 years.  It was my passion that turned into purpose and I want all kings and queens to experience, if they have not already, how great their hair can make them feel when being treated properly.  The oils, treatments, routines, and consistency are all a part of a natural hair journey and Nubian Hair Care was designed to enhance that experience tenfold.

To everyone who is on a natural hair journey like myself, thinking about it, or just wanting to maintain the current health of their hair please continue to be patient and encouraged.  It is so rewarding and I’m excited for you all to reap the benefits of having confidence in your kinks or curls.  Embrace it and trust your process. 


2 thoughts on “Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

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