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Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

Kings & queens of color!! Ya’ll remember growing up, getting your hair done, and only needing blue magic and some water to get you right?  Those were the days when natural hair was made easy.   I don’t recall my mom ever experimenting with a lot of different products to figure out what my hair… Continue reading Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

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The Life of a Unicorn

Unicorn /ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/ noun: A bisexual girl who is down to hook up with generally heterosexual, monogamous couples, often as a no-strings-attached threesome or as a permanent sexual partner. Not the definition you were thinking was it? The life of a unicorn is more than being a sexual companion to a couple. Typically, the process of… Continue reading The Life of a Unicorn

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Monogamy or Polygamy? Part II

    Thank you for reading my first article on monogamy or polygamy. I’m excited to dive into some juicy topics in this article! Should polygamy be accepted amongst black Americans? That is a touchy subject that I will dive into. I would say yes, but others might think otherwise. Is monogamy outdated in our generation? I’m… Continue reading Monogamy or Polygamy? Part II

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Misha’s Room Episode 6: Unresolved Grief

And we're back! Ready for Round 3! lol Hey y'all, welcome back to Misha's Room. I hope y'all have been enjoying the frequent visits. I swear work, grad school, finalizing creative visions, opening a school, recording Misha's Room AND trying to hold my sanity and relationship together is a bitch. But I'm back, and we're… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 6: Unresolved Grief

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A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life

I'm sure that many of us have started 2019 off with New Year's resolutions, setting intentions, or creating the theme for the rest of our year. This year, I decided my theme would be overall mental health. I will flourish, I will thrive. I will put all the things I want into the universe and… Continue reading A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life