The Life of a Unicorn

61AA0B62-F721-4764-842A-F912A5D962D4Unicorn /ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/ noun:

  1. A bisexual girl who is down to hook up with generally heterosexual, monogamous couples, often as a no-strings-attached threesome or as a permanent sexual partner.

Not the definition you were thinking was it? The life of a unicorn is more than being a sexual companion to a couple. Typically, the process of finding a unicorn is highly sought after, but difficult to find and/or maintain. It requires you to objectively determine your own personal and sexual desires. You have to be comfortable in who you are as a person because the “bedroom”  leaves no room for insecurities or jealousy. The experience of being a unicorn or adding a unicorn to your relationship isn’t for the weak or the insecure. The connection must be filled with equal give and take along with effective communication. I cannot stress how important communication is during the process. The connection established with your third is just as important as the connection of your relationship. One mishap or misjudgment can determine the course of action for the partnership.

My Experience of Being a Magical Creature
Being a bisexual woman is filled with experiences that are memorable. My journey to being a temporary unicorn wasn’t something I expected to do. My sexual experiences for both sexes had always been separate. I had heard stories about couples inviting people into their bedrooms. It never crossed my mind that I would be in the bedroom of one of those couples.  Until, the day one of my old sexual partners asked for my presence in the bedroom he shared with his girlfriend. I was hesitant because our relationship was based on just sex. It never went further than that and I enjoyed that we had a NSA (no strings attached) relationship. However, now he was asking for me to share the sex we had with another person. So many questions ran through my mind as I processed his request. Would I like her? Would she be upset with our sexual chemistry? Did she have any experience with being with another woman? Did he tell her exactly who I was and how he knew me? What if the sex was horrible with another person added?

After contemplating with the thought for several days, I decided to experience the life of a unicorn for a day. I was single and comfortable in who I was; the worst case scenario was the sex could be horrible. We were all consenting adults who practiced safe sex and meticulous hygiene. What could go wrong? Prior to the day, we all embarked in several conversations about our needs, desires, and any unspoken thoughts that lingered. I debated ghosting them all the way until the moment I knocked on the door. He greeted me with his usual hug and glass of Hennessy. He introduced everyone, and I realized in that moment she was just as nervous as I was. We engaged in small talk for a while; then, the moment had come for us to explore each other. She kissed me and grabbed my hand to enter their bedroom. We undressed and felt the softness of each other’s skin. We continued to explore each others bodies with several kisses and licks. As she relaxed her head back from my precise licks of her special place, I enjoyed the licks and penetration of “our” man for the night. After hours of sexual pleasure and different positions, we ended the night cuddle up into each other and slept peacefully. I still think of how both of them are addicted to my essence after one night. Being a unicorn was enjoyable, and I think its something that should be enjoyed only if you’re ready in all aspects. Sex in this capacity is beautiful if  everyone involved is on the same page. It requires all parties involved to have an attraction to each other on more than a sexual level. It requires respect beyond the bedroom and being comfortable in your sexual choices. My advice to anyone prior to is establish boundaries, seek someone you both like/vibe with, and always communicate any concerns. Although, being a unicorn for someone else isn’t for me; I look forward to the day my future husband and I embark on that same journey to find our unicorn.


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