Dirty Change: Part 15- An Unexpected Reality

Dirty Change 1

“Tomorrow is going to be interesting.”

Mr. Nickel sat in a county jail cell that night as he awaited his time to take the polygraph test. His lawyer, Mr. Dukakis, was able to work out a polygraph test for Mr. Nickel in hopes of throwing a wrench in the plans. He had nothing to lose. Either he was guilty or he was innocent, but tomorrow was going to hold that key either way.

While Mr. Nickel was waiting to find out his outcome, Secret was laying low in the city. She had driven to a local waterfront property to clear her mind. Not only was she there to clear her mind, but she was going to get rid of some evidence. The Sonata had been a good vehicle to her. They have had good times and bad and the car had always come through. Unfortunately, the car make and model was widely known and could cause her some trouble. While Secret loved the car, she didn’t love the idea of going back somewhere she didn’t enjoy being. If she was found, she would be re-committed and would probably never come out. She couldn’t risk that, so she found a low-lying bank and went to work. Secret put the car in neutral and let the car roll right into the lake, as it quickly sunk into the water until it wasn’t visible to the eye.

Back at the precinct the next morning, Mr. Nickel was getting ready to face the polygraph test. He was very uncertain how it would go and what questions would be asked, but he knew he could not take this lying down. He was a town hero and was set to be awarded in the town very soon. Because of this, the town quickly began to turn on him. Those hugs turned into mean mugs and those warm feelings turned into cold hearts. It was amazing how with one arrest the view of Mr. Nickel changed so dramatically without a trial, conviction or guilty plea.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yes Dukakis. Ready as I’m going to be.”

As they both stepped into the room, Detectives Collins and Porter were there waiting on them. Both of them had a smile on their face like they didn’t believe the claim of Mr. Nickel. For Collins, she felt used by Mr. Nickel. She started to think he was developing feelings for her like she had started developing for him. All that seemed like a long time ago now as she saw red when he stepped into the room. As far as Detective Porter, he was so excited to finally get the guy who terrorized this city over and over, with kids going missing and bodies being found.  He was made to sound crazy by others for thinking the hero of the city was the guilty party, but his feelings seemed to be justified by what was transpiring so far.

“So, how does it feel to loose it all?”

“Not sure what you mean Detective Porter.”

“You’ll see soon enough.”

As Mr. Nickel sat down, the polygraph test sat right in his face. His future hinged on the results of this machine and that was messing with his nerves. Nickel’s attorney left the room and then the man who was going to run the test entered and that made Mr. Nickel even more nervous.

“Are you ready Mr. Nickel?”


“Well, we are about to begin.”

“First question. What is your name?”

“Carey Nickel”

“Do you know Dirty Change?”


“Have you ever killed anyone?”


“Do you often black out at night and not remember where you are?”


“Have you heard of Dirty Change?”


“Have you ever done anything for him?”


“Have you ever been treated in a mental health facility?


“And what were the results of that?”

“They diagnosed me with having multiple personalities but I have never seen them or heard anyone tell me about them.”

“Do you think you are a danger to society?”


The questioning would go on for a little bit longer and while the person administering the test would ask the same question in different ways, Mr. Nickel would continue to answer the questions with the same answers.

“Can you believe this Collins?”

“Never seen anything like this Porter.”

“I guess he really wants to make this hard on himself.”

“Guess so.”

After the questioning ended, both detectives were sure this was an open and close case. Mr. Nickel was guilty in their eyes and he had to pay for what he did, but there was another question on their minds as well and after the test was over, they went in and asked Mr. Nickel what they wanted to know.

“Where is the woman that helped you do this?”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“You know we are looking for a Hyundai Sonata and there was a young woman seen with you, correct? Did you forget I saw both of you together not once but twice? I’ve been to your house Mr. Nickel.”

“A Sonata? You speaking about Sandra? Her a killer? Nah.”

Detective Collins couldn’t believe what she was hearing and it pained her. She left the room as she felt like he was insulting her intelligence.

“Your day is coming.”

“Okay Detective Porter.”

The officers who brought Mr. Nickel come and get him to take him back to his holding cell while they wait for the answers. A few hours went by and then the man who  administered the test shows back up after immersing himself in looking over the results.

“He was telling the truth.”

“He was doing what?”

“He was telling the truth Detective Porter.”

“There is no way.”

“Yes there is. He is telling the truth in this situation. You are dealing with a man that has another personality.”

“So, what does this mean?”

“Well, it means you’re probably not going to get the results you want out of this case and that he will probably be put in a mental institution because he is not fit to stand trial. He does not even know he did what he did or what you accusing him of doing.”

“So, you’re saying all this evidence against him amounts to nothing?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Detective Porter went to talk to Detective Collins, flabbergasted at the results.

“Well Collins, Mr. Nickel passed the test. He was telling the truth.”

“But, there’s no way.”

“Apparently there is. Just talked to the man who administered the test. It is very possible considering he has a whole other personality.”

All the hard work they had done seemed to be going down the tubes. They had worked so hard to bring in the killer and now this happens.

“This cannot be happening!”






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