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The Life of a Unicorn

Unicorn /ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/ noun: A bisexual girl who is down to hook up with generally heterosexual, monogamous couples, often as a no-strings-attached threesome or as a permanent sexual partner. Not the definition you were thinking was it? The life of a unicorn is more than being a sexual companion to a couple. Typically, the process of… Continue reading The Life of a Unicorn

My Life Be Like

Faking It!

Yes sis, we know you want him to get off of you sometimes so you fake a few moans, act out something you’ve seen in a bad porno and somehow think you’re doing yourself a favor. You’re guilty, we all are. I’ve learned that even the most selfish men often want to feel like they… Continue reading Faking It!

My Life Be Like

Escaping The Friend Zone: Is It Impossible?

Ever find yourself in a situation with a man or woman that you are madly in love with or just someone you wouldn't mind exploring a future with? I'm sure we all have, BUT, what if that person put you in the friend zone before you even got the chance to explore those feelings you… Continue reading Escaping The Friend Zone: Is It Impossible?