Faking It!


Yes sis, we know you want him to get off of you sometimes so you fake a few moans, act out something you’ve seen in a bad porno and somehow think you’re doing yourself a favor. You’re guilty, we all are. I’ve learned that even the most selfish men often want to feel like they somewhat satisfied you as their partner. I mean come on, he knows you’re going to go tell your homegirls about him, he needs the news that travels to be good. Not “girrrrl you know so and so only lasted 5 minutes”. But let me give you some stats:

*Every thing after these stats will be based on vaginal only sex with little to no foreplay and definitely no fish bowls being ate*

According to several different studies across over 80 years of research, about 25% of women report having an orgasm from vaginal sex on a regular basis . 50% have them some of the time , 20% hardly ever have them , and 5 % never orgasm at all from vaginal sex alone.

So we have men who want to satisfy their partner but don’t know how and women who want to be satisfied but don’t know how to speak up. In return we get men who run and women who fake it. Yes men run too. it’s called, changing positions. Some men last so long doing that, that it’s like goodness gracious are you done yet ? They really think they’re doing something too, showing you their best moves, meanwhile your vagina hurts and you’re ready to take a nap. The problem is as immature young adult, we don’t really know what we want in the first place. To top it off , who wants to know the outcome of bruising a fragile male ego?

grayscale photo of naked woman
Photo by John Rocha on Pexels.com

For women and men alike , sexual satisfaction comes from many areas outside of the physical act itself. This has already been discussed by one of our writers , Mike,  but as I mentioned in my article “Is my vagina broken” many women who are not experiencing orgasms just automatically assume they are the problem . However, by faking it all they do is significantly decrease the chances that they’ll ever orgasm with that particular partner. And word to the wise, if you’re sleeping with someone and you fear how they will react to you communicating how you’d like to be pleased …. probably a clear sign you shouldn’t be giving your body to them.

Ok ? Now speak up, talk about what you want, COMMUNICATE! If you don’t know what you like … give yourself a five finger discount and go explore. And most importantly, stop being fake! It does nothing for your sex life .


One thought on “Faking It!

  1. Also, when you fake it, to your point, it’s going to make a person feel like they’re doing a good job in pleasing you. However, if a person feel like they’re doing a good job, they won’t see any need to try and correct anything, why it’s best to speak up like you said….


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