Wonderland: Part 2-A New Reality

Lacey Wonderland

“I take it that you want a Round 2.”

Lacey was standing right in front of Brian in the shower and he could not believe it. He had just laid down with Charlotte sleep beside his side the night before and woke up to this chocolate goddess showering the next day.  Brain answered Lacey relunctantly.

“What is going on?”

“I’m attempting to have sex with my husband again. I thought after last night you would be ready for another round. That was the most aggressive you’ve been with me in a long time.”

“Well, uh… let me exit the shower and let you get cleaned up.”

Brian was even more confused when he heard Lacey call him her husband, but as he looked around the bathroom, he noticed some differences. The bathroom he was in with Lacey was red with white tile. The one he shared with Charlotte was blue with white tile. As Brian exited the bathroom, he noticed even more changes. He entered into a bedroom that had no pictures of Charlotte at all. As he scanned  and walked through the room, Brian noticed pictures all over the place of he and Lacey in different places like Las Vegas or Miami, but one picture caught his eye. As he walked towards the picture on Lacey’s nightstand. As he got closer to the nightstand, his face began to hold even more confusion.

“When did we get married?”

“Don’t tell me you’re losing your memory Brian.” said Lacey as she was exiting the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around her voluptuous body.

“That was one of the best days of my life. Under the ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta.”

“You don’t remember the photographer standing right in the aisle and almost getting ran over because he wanted to take even more pictures of us while we were trying to exit? That was probably the biggest smile I saw you have on your face that day.”

Brian had to be in the Twilight Zone because he never even imagined himself married to Lacey and he was still trying to figure out how this happened. As he and Lacey talked more, he began to wonder through the house, noting how different things looked from what he was used to.

“Brian. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I am fine.”

“Just checking. It seems like you’re not even here right now.

“A cup of coffee this morning and I think I will be fine.”

Lacey got finished up getting dressed and came over to Brian, giving him a huge kiss before leaving off to work.

“Have a good day. Hope work isn’t as strenuous today. I sat the keys to your truck right there on your nightstand.  See you tonight.”

And with that, Lacey left the house with Brian there home alone. Brian showered, shaved and got dressed and he went and grabbed the keys Lacey said were his and that went to a 2012 Ford F-150. Brian was used to seeing his custom Mercedes keys, but after he looked out the window, hit the locks and heard the horn on the vehicle go off, he knew the vehicle was his. He also noticed that were he was in a smaller house, meaning he wasn’t in the same house he was in with Charlotte.

“I guess I am going to have to figure this out.”

Brian headed out the door and he hurried to get in the truck. As he got in, he noticed he didn’t have the GPS to help him find out where he was. One thing that was the same in this strange place, however, was his phone. He looked up his employer in his phone and began to drive to where he worked. Brian got out of the car, headed to the door and began heading to where his office was when security stopped him.

“You here for an interview?”

“Just was heading to my office.”

“What is your name?”

“Brian Lorraine.”

“If you would wait at the front desk for a second, we will be glad to help you.”

Brian sat down up front trying to figure out why someone thought he was a guest and also why he was being asked to sit up front. As soon as he was lost in pondering why he was even sitting there and not at his desk, security came back out.

“No one knows a Brian Lorraine here. And we don’t have you listed as having an interview here, so we are going to need you to leave at this time.”

Brian was floored and although he was confused, he did not put up a fight and left the building without causing an incident.  As he hopped back in his truck, he got on the phone with Lacey.

“I know this may sound crazy, but where do I work?”

“You opened up your own lawncare business a couple years ago. Did you forget? You must not be feeling well today. Oh. And since you’re asking me this, I’m sure you definitely forgot you have an appointment coming up in about two hours. Take a look at your phone. Your appointment in there along with their addresses and what they need done.”

“Ok. I am looking now and it says I need to trim hedges for them. Where are my things to do that?”

“We have a shed in the back Brian? First you turn me down for Round 2 in the shower and then you forget you have your own business and where your tools are. Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes.  I am fine. Thanks for your help Lacey. I will see you later I guess”

Brian hung up the phone and looked down at his new assignment : 555 Brookwood Place.

Brian noticed the address was in Buckhead and when he loaded in the address from where he was staying with Lacey, he noticed it was a good distance away from where he was. He rushed home, got his tools and changed clothes and headed out the door to his assignment. As he was driving, he was still trying to grasp how he did not work at the insurance agency. He also was still in a whirlwind trying to figure out how he ended up marrying Lacey. Brian knew this was real, but he was lost as to how this happened. He was still thinking over things when he pulled up to his address for work. Brian wasn’t used to doing lawn care. He was an insurance agent who worked more with his mouth than his hands and although he knew what he was doing, he had not done yardwork at all since he was with Charlotte.

As he arrived to the house, he noticed a woman standing out front flagging him down.

“My name is Mary. I am to give you what you need to do and show you where you need to go. These are the hedges that need to be trimmed and also Mrs. Porter asked for you to come directly to the house and ring the doorbell once the work is complete.”

Brian took the direction and trimmed the hedges. And after taking care of all of them at the mammoth home, he then headed to the door. Once he rang the doorbell, Mary came to the door and handed him a check.

” $75? This assignment was supposed to be for 200. Where is the rest of the money?”

“Take that up with Mrs. Porter.”

As soon as Mary said that, Brian turned around and saw a silver 2019 C-Class start pulling up the driveway. Brian headed towards the car  and before the driver could park her car close to the house or put her window down, Brian already started asking questions.

“My name is Brian Lorraine. I trimmed your hedges and trying to figure out what I was shorted money on my work.”

The windows were tinted, so Brian could not see who he was talking to. The driver rolled down the window just a little, but enough for Brian to notice whose yard he had just taken care of.

As the window rolled down, Brian’s face went into complete shock as this new world had dealt him another strange turn.

“Charlotte? You’re Mrs. Porter?”

“Yes. And I am also the one who paid you today. And will be paying you short any time you come here. I know your business is hurting. You cannot turn down the money. But for the embarrassment you cost me that night in college, I see this as payback. You can see yourself out.”

Charlotte rolled up the window and pulled closer to the house and all Brian could do was stand there. This dreamworld had confirmed one thing: he had chosen Lacey over Charlotte.




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