An A-Z Guide to Spicing It Up

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Hey everybody!

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying and experimenting with different things sexually. Have you recently been thinking of new ways to spice up your sex life? I have created an A-Z guide with suggestions of things to incorporate in the bedroom (or out of the bedroom). Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.



Although traditional sex is penetration of a penis into a vagina, some people also enjoy anal sex. Try this out and see how it goes! You never know, you might actually enjoy it. However, I would suggest that you use lube to avoid it being a painful rather than pleasurable experience.


Biting different body parts is a turn on for a lot of people. Nipples, neck, booty cheek, etc., you never know it may stimulate your partner in ways you never imagined.


Although I personally dislike being choked, some people are into the S&M rough sexual techniques. Try it out! But I would say be cognizant, because you don’t want to make someone pass out or worse. There must be a safe word.


Everyone knows how much of a turn on strippers and exotic dancers can be. Never danced for your man or woman? Put on some freaky music, get a stripper pole ready or chair and get your sexy on!


Now I don’t condone using drugs, but people that have used ectasy say that it dramatically intensifies the sexual experience. You never know, it may be exactly what your sex life was missing. Tried it? Let us know about your experience in the comments.


Who knew something so simple could feel so good? Before penetration put those fingers to work. See how many fingers your significant other can take and if the person is a FREAK FREAK, maybe you’ll even use your entire fist (yeah, fisting is really a thing). But like I said for anal if you are going to go that far USE LUBRICATION.


Grinding is a form of foreplay that a lot of us used to partake in when we were younger and not sexually involved yet. Try this method of foreplay before the clothes even come off, or when they do grind on each other before the penetration. It’ll get you hot and ready fasho!


Handcuffing someone so they can’t move or touch you is for sure a turn on. Whether you hand cuff one body part or full on handcuff both legs and arms to a bed, this is a fun way to spice up your sex life.


For some, insults like “bitch”, “whore”, “slave” are a turn on. I’d definitely discuss this before trying it out though to keep the respect level. You don’t want to ruin the mood or make someone feel disrespected.

Jacking Off

Before sex, try utilizing masturbation. I’d suggest using lotion, because nothing seems worse than a dry hand job. But a hand job done right well get a man’s wee wee straight and at attention.


Kissing the right person can be so amazing. I don’t get why some people don’t like to kiss while having sex. In my opinion it makes it so much more passionate. Try kissing a bit more and see if you notice a change.


Try putting your tongue on and around certain body parts if you aren’t doing it already. To make this even more interesting, some people add ice or food items.


Create a sex playlist to have on in the background. Certain songs can definitely set the tone so rather you are looking for love making music or something a lil more ratchet, we got you covered with these QMC playlists.


Sometimes just being naked is a turn on. Some people have sex with shirts, socks or even hats still on and its always been so weird to me. Get completely naked and try to watch a TV show together in your nakedness til you can’t stand it.

Oral Sex

Ahh oral sex. A personal fav of many. If you are scared or uninterested in oral sex, grow up LOL jk. But it is pretty fun! Who knew how much putting your mouth on sexual organs could cause so much pleasure. If you still think it is nasty and unsanitary, try it fresh out the shower.

Public Places

Getting bored with having sex in a house? Switch it up and hit up a public location. Of course be cautious to avoid getting charged with public indecency, but park, car, the Jacuzzi are good places for public sex. Check out my sister’s article for more suggestions.


Don’t have a lot of time? Schedule some quick sex. The thrill of not having a lot of time is a turn on, so get it in before work, before the kids get home, before your plans… a little sex is better than none right?


I always say I’m too goofy to roleplay, and I’d bust out laughing, but some people LOVE doing it. Get some costumes and see if you enjoy it. You never know if this activity can enhance your sexual experience.


Sucking on body parts such as breasts, toes, and fingers can be stimulating AF. If you don’t do this, I’d suggest it. Something about being sucked on just feels sooo good. If you’ve already tried this, try sucking on different body parts you haven’t explored.

Talking Dirty

Talking dirty is one of my #1 favorite things to do while having sex. Nothing like expressing yourself while in the act. If you aren’t a talker, try it out and see how it feels and how the other person reacts to it.


All you gotta do is invest in some sexy underwear. There’s no turn on like a woman in some lace or a man in some penis hugging draws. Put some on and you’ll see how fast the other will want them off.


I personally don’t own any toys, but I know men and women who LOVE using them. Invest in one from your local sex store. If you feel some type of way about inserting a plastic or metal object inside you, just use it on the surface.


Whipcream. A traditional food item people incorporate into the bedroom. Get you a can and see where it goes. It may get sticky, but its worth it and an excuse to take a shower together right after the extravaganza.

I am a HUGE porn lover. Xvideos is my go to, but do some research and find what works for you. Different people are into different things so I’d suggest watching bits of a lot of different kinds of porn to see what truly gets you going.


If you are feeling good and in a location where you don’t have to hold back and be quiet, let out that scream! I personally hate awkward silent sex so getting someone to the level to let out a scream is the best.


Drinking before sex is the BEST. It gets you loose as a goose so if you are wondering what to drink, try some zinfandel. The taste is A1 and it won’t get you too turnt in case you have work or responsibilities the next day.




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