My Life Be Like, short story


I flipped over to see his sleeping face, and I knew I was in deep trouble. It was never supposed to go this far, but this was third time of us linking up. I couldn't even tell you how we ended up here or why we couldn't stop meeting up. I just knew that our… Continue reading Intertwined

My Life Be Like, short story

Doing It Well Finale

We pulled up at Drago’s and part of me was still excited from what had just happened. As I went to open the door, Quan grabbed my hand... “I know I promised dinner, but could we get this to go,” he said. “Yeah, if that’s what you’re comfortable with,” I said happily.  “Cool, I’ll get… Continue reading Doing It Well Finale


An A-Z Guide to Spicing It Up

Hey everybody! Since the beginning of time, people have been trying and experimenting with different things sexually. Have you recently been thinking of new ways to spice up your sex life? I have created an A-Z guide with suggestions of things to incorporate in the bedroom (or out of the bedroom). Check it out and… Continue reading An A-Z Guide to Spicing It Up