I flipped over to see his sleeping face, and I knew I was in deep trouble. It was never supposed to go this far, but this was third time of us linking up. I couldn’t even tell you how we ended up here or why we couldn’t stop meeting up. I just knew that our sex was an experience that I wasn’t ready to give up on. Even with a boyfriend that loved the hell out of me–I couldn’t leave Jason alone. Jason came in my life when everything was perfect, but falling apart at the same time. The crazy part was his offer for sex was initially a joke to me. We had always been on the friend of a friend type vibe. All that changed at my girl’s Alyssa’s party three weeks ago. I remembered it like it was yesterday, I walked out the party to deal with the ongoing stress of my job and the fact that my boyfriend hadn’t spoken to me in days. Kane and I had a been in a rough space for a week and it didn’t seem like that was changing soon. I opened my car door and fell into my seat. Everything in me wanted to just pull off and cry the whole ride home. I was drained from work, from life, and from all the transitions of being an adult. Before I could let a tear fall, I heard a knock at my car window.

Tap! Tap!

“Open up Necia, its me,” a voice yelled.

“Hey, go back inside I just need some me time,” I said unconvincingly.

“Now you know I’m not moving until we talk,”

I looked up from my self-pity party to see a smiling Jason with a blunt in his hand. I hit the unlock button and watched him take the passenger seat next to me. He knew that I wasn’t myself without me having to say anything. He patted my hand for reassurance and passed the blunt my way. I took a hit and allowed the tears to just flow. I couldn’t pretend any longer that I was good with what was going on in my life.

“You know if you need me, I got you. Anything you need–I’ll provide. I heard you arguing with Kane about stupid shit earlier. I can’t fix his personality, but I can help you relieve that stress you’re carrying, just think about it,” he said.

” I can’t do that and besides I’m not wasting my time for five minutes and a wet ass…”

“Never that! I want to please you in every way possible,” he took a pause and continued “Just think on it, but I have a feeling you’ll come around soon,” he laughed.

I watched him get out the car and shook off what he has just mentioned. I started my car and headed home to relax away from everyone. Yet, the thoughts of what he mentioned was the top thought as I pulled in my yard. As I walked to my door, I searched for his Snapchat name. Before I could swipe up I saw a notification from him already. I clicked on the Snap and saw the video that would start it all. I hit him with the looking eyes that most millennials had become accustomed to receiving in situations like this. Then, double tapped to send him the energy back with a photo from my camera roll. I watched as his avatar popped up and before you know it we were scheduled for our first link up.

A few hours passed and I paced my living room floor with thoughts of how this could end up going. Finally, I decided to shower and get dressed for the meet up. We exchanged a few last confirmation details via Snap and I was on my way to his Air BnB property. I put in the code for the gate and slowly looked for condo number 55. I pulled in the assigned parking spot, locked my doors, and walked up to the door. I knocked a few times and contemplated about running back to my car with each knock. My thoughts being to race and all the hot girl mess I talked on my way over wasn’t my energy.

Just leave he’ll never know it was you. What is wrong with you? Move your legs and get back in the car.

“Come in, I’m getting the wine from the freezer,” he stated.

I sat on the sofa and made myself as comfortable as possible. He brought two glasses and I watched him fill my glass with Rosé. I took a sip and begin to talk about life, work, and anything that would distract me from what I agreed to. Little did I know he had figured out my ploy to avoid what I was dreading. He pushed me back on the sofa, rubbed my inner thighs, and slowly pulled my shorts down with a little assistance from me. He continued to kiss me until I felt myself anticipate his tongue in other places. He opened my legs and began to take the first licks at my piercing that I kept as my little secret. I felt my body melt into the sofa with each lick. The up and down motion of his tongue soon turned into a swirl motion with the two finger combo. His fingers felt like heaven each time he entered me. Before I could say anything I felt the rush I had grown accustomed to each time I hit my climax. My juices covered his face and he continued to lick until I was wetting him up once again. Yet, this time his fingers turned into seven inches of pressure. I gasped as he entered me and I knew that this shit was going to be worth all the trouble I could be in. He grabbed my waist and lifted me onto his lap as he laid back. He pinned my arms behind my back and continued to enter me with strokes that varied in speed. As we both encouraged each other with kisses and reached our climax my phone began to ring. But we didn’t care about the phone or the missed calls, we were intertwined back into each other for round two.

To Be Continued….


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