Doing It Well Finale

We pulled up at Drago’s and part of me was still excited from what had just happened. As I went to open the door, Quan grabbed my hand…

“I know I promised dinner, but could we get this to go,” he said.

“Yeah, if that’s what you’re comfortable with,” I said happily. 

“Cool, I’ll get the order to go,” he asks closing the drivers door. 

I slipped back into the comfort of my seat and waited for him to return. I contemplated on what having sex meant for us. If this went left, we still had to work together. Before I could get to deep in my thoughts, I saw him returning back with our food. 

“Time for dinner and a movie,” he laughed. We pulled up to his apartment soon after and I was excited for what was next. As we exited the car…I stopped in my tracks. 

“Quan! What happens if this goes left? What if we don’t like each other after sex?” I blurted out. 

“Whoa, pause my love. This will work as long as we want it to, and I want this more than you know,” he reassured me. 

I resumed my walk towards the door and waited patiently for him to get the key in the lock. As I waited, I patiently told myself to just enjoy the moment. He opened the door for me to walk in. I was stunned by the decor of the apartment, but more so by the roses that decorated the floor. The red roses over the floor with balloons floating in every direction where more than I expected. 

“All this for me…” 

“Yes, you’re more than deserving of this, and I told you I want this,” he said giddily. 

I walked over to him and grabbed the food containers. I placed them on the table and walked him over to the rose covered sectional. 

“I want this as well and I need to show you just how much,”  I said. 

I pushed him on the sofa and proceeded to unzip his pants. I pulled his manhood out and took him into my mouth. He was texting a client about tomorrow, but I knew I was about to get his attention. I loved feeling him grow in my mouth and with every lick I felt him melt into the sofa. I continued to suck the tip and then proceeded to take all eight inches in my mouth. Hearing him groan just made me even more excited to grasp his soul. I continued to deep throat him and before I knew it I was spelling my name down the shaft of his penis. I could feel him getting closer as sucked on him like a child with a lollipop. 

“Awww damn, I’m about to cum…you can stop!” he screamed. 

Little did he know I was swallowing all of him. Before he could repeat the phrase once more, I felt his warm cum in my throat. I continued to suck until no more was left. He raised up to kiss me. I felt something new this time when we kissed. He slowly picked me up from the floor and put me in his lap. I watched as his manly hands moved my dress down to kiss my skin. His lips felt so soft on my skin. He continued to kiss me and caress his fingers down my spine. I melted with every touch. Before long I felt his warm tongue lick my nipples and with each lick I grew wetter. My dress was now getting closer to being on the floor. Quan continued to lick my nipples as I eased myself up to allow myself to be completely naked. He paused momentarily to do the same. We returned back to same position as if we never stopped. I wrapped my legs around him as his fingers ran up and down my back. I arched my head back as he continued to lick my nipples and I slowly felt his finger inside me. He fingered me without missing a lick. I could feel myself tightening my walls around his fingers. With each rub and stroke, I got wetter. Until finally, his warm fingers turned into eight inches of hardness. I gasped as he entered me. His slow strokes were causing me to squirt each time. This moment felt exactly how I wanted it to. Those slow stroked turned into fast strokes before long. The feeling of his fingers in my hair and around my throat were unmatched. I let my fingers dig deeper in his back as I felt myself climaxing. We continued until we both were climaxing together and started the process all over again. This moment marked the start of a new chapter for us. We wanted this moment longer than we thought and we wouldn’t be deprived of it any longer. 

See this was more than just sex, this is what it felt like to do it well.


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