Organized Chaos- Part 1: When Love Calls

“I miss her,” is all Eric could say to himself.

Each day he thought on the times he and Carolyn used to spend together, the walks in the park, the talks after dark and the many, many times she put a smile on his face. All those memories faded to darkness when he realized she wasn’t going to be around anymore. All Eric could see at this point was the face of Carolyn as it came in and out of his memory.  Her smile, her warm embrace and her mere presence was never to be seen anymore.  Who would have thought this is what things would have come to when they first met each other?

Eric and Carolyn first met back in college when they were both just young kids enjoying life. When they both met as freshmen, there was no romantic involvement, as both were just best friends. They were inseparable across the campus. But eventually as they got older, stayed in the same city and still hung around each other, that one look came that changed everything forever. Carolyn and Eric didn’t work far from each other and would often meet up for lunch. One day though, things seemed to be different. Carolyn seemed to be mesmerized by Eric. Was it his new haircut, the fact that he had a fresh shave or the new suit he wore that fit him snuggly? Whatever it was, Carolyn was hooked and was looking at him not only like she wanted him, but like she was peering into his soul.

“Are you ok?” said Eric.

“I’m just fine,” said a hypnotized Carolyn.

Little did Carolyn know that Eric had some feelings of his own. As they begin to talk that day, the conversation took on another tone. They playfully had some jokes towards each other and the sexual tension was high. Then, it happened. Carolyn was tired of beating around the bush and just told Eric, “Are you going to kiss me or what? You know that’s what I’ve been wanting all day.”

The two kissed and it was like fireworks went off. Both knew right then and there they had been missing out on something their entire time knowing each other. 

  As time went on, those kisses turned into deeper feelings for both. They would meet for lunch even more often than they did and not only did they meet for lunch, they would graduate to midday sexual encounters at either Eric or Carolyn’s office. It was a passion neither had felt in a long time and they were falling in love harder and deeper by the second as Cloud Nine was a far distant cry from how high they were off each other’s love.

  Eric and Carolyn were in love, but then the real world hit them in the face, telling them their love was wrong. The reality was Eric was married with two kids while Carolyn was married as well. They both were lost in miserable relationships. When Eric would walk through the door to see his wife of twelve years, he was not the happiest of campers. He barely cracked a smile when entering his home. The feeling seemed mutual as she barely looked over her glasses when Eric stepped in the door. They both moved past each other like two ships passing in the night with absolutely no communication at all.

 As for Carolyn, she was never happy with the man she married, Johnathan. She told him she loved him only after he said he loved her. She did not want to disappoint Johnathan when he told her that he loved her because she knew he would take care of her financially. The issue with Johnathan is he never really satisfied her mentally, spiritually, emotionally or sexually. Like Eric and his wife, they had a listless marriage that seemed to be headed nowhere fast. Every day Carolyn came in the home, she dreamed of leaving and being in Eric’s arms.

  The passion Eric and Carolyn shared for each other was epic, but it could never be the endgame, at least in their current situations. Both were married and off the market and they both knew it could be messy trying to finally act on the love they had for each other. Eric would often sit in his home and wonder, “How did I overlook the woman of my dreams sitting right there in front of me the entire time?”

Eric asked himself as he looked at his wife in disgust. He sat there and stewed on why he was with his wife when an idea hit him that may put him in position to get Carolyn like he wanted all along.

  The plan was set and the stage was clear in Eric’s mind. He was going to find a way to get rid of Johnathan because Johnathan was blocking his happy ending. All he had to do was get Carolyn to join him in his devious plan. As both Carolyn and Eric sipped on their coffee at one of our midday meetings, Eric asked Carolyn did she trust him.  Carolyn answered with trepidation  “Of course. Is anything wrong?”

Eric began to tell her what his plan was and what he wanted to accomplish.

“No longer will I be bound to being a father of two and unhappily married. I want to be with you and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.” 

 Not knowing what her reaction was going to be, Eric sat quietly after telling her his plan. So imagine his surprise when a big smile broke out on Carolyn’s face, as she was in agreement with the plan and wanted to escape her marriage just as much as Eric did. 

  The plan was simple: Carolyn and Johnathan were going to go on a date and Eric was going to play a robber, masked and all. As the robbery would happen, Eric was going to shoot Johnathan as he pretended to rob them both. After shooting him, all they would have to do is wrap up Johnathan’s body and worry about dumping it as they rode out of the city.  The next day Johnathan was off was on a Tuesday and all Carolyn had to do was convince him to go out with her, get him to park the car in a dark place and make sure to get in position to make this look as authentic as possible.

Carolyn was able to convince Johnathan to go out with her on Tuesday night to the movies, telling him that she wanted to put the spark back in their relationship. As they got to the movies, she convinced him to park in a dark area for maybe a little action after the movie. Little did Johnathan know Eric was sitting in a car not far from them, watching and waiting on his time to pounce. Eric could hardly contain his excitement as he played out the scenario in his head over and over again. After a couple hours, Carolyn and Johnathan exited the movie theater. Carolyn had a smile on her face as her and Johnathan were apparently laughing at each other. While they were laughing and moving towards Johnathan’s vehicle, Eric saw them moving towards the car. He opened his car door and began to move towards them discreetly. Johnathan and Carolyn finally made it to the vehicle and just when they got there, Eric showed up with a gun and a a hood draped over his head.

  Eric, knowing he had Johnathan had met before, changed his voice for fear Johnathan would recognize who he was. Eric began to yell out my commands and they both got on their knees and put their hands on their hands. As they emptied their pockets, Eric began to get close to him so he could shoot him at point-blank range in the middle of his forehead. Eric got right up to him, took a deep breath but something kept him from pulling the trigger. Eric began to think on Carolyn and Johnathan’s marriage and although it was not perfect, he did not deserve to die. 

Carolyn, however, did not feel the same as Eric, as she looked up at Eric . With horror, Johnathan looked at her and then she yelled out what she really wanted to happen.

“Shoot him Eric.”

At that point, Johnathan became enraged. He knew what we were both up to and he noticed the twinkle Eric put in her eye. Johnathan charged Eric with aggression as Eric flinched with the gun and they wrestled with each other for control of the gun, only for it to go off.

 As they both looked up, they saw Carolyn crumpled over in pain as she was shot in the abdomen and bleeding heavily. The breaths became shorter and then she eventually stopped breathing. Both Johnathan and Eric were mortified as they had just witnessed the death of a woman they both loved at the hands of their passion. Of course, someone heard the gunshot and commotion in the alley and called the police, so a decision had to be made. With Eric having the gun in his hands, he would be on the hook for the murder easily.

“Run now!” said Johnathan.

  Both Johnathan and Eric decided Eric needed to leave the city and never come back unless summoned. All Eric had to do is go somewhere far away where no one knew his name. The only issue was him not having his kids. They would never know what happened to him if he were to disappear. Eric’s kids growing up without . His life was never going to be the same after this night. He scampered to his car and began to fly out of the area before the police would arrive. Eric’s life would never be the same because of what happened on that faithful night. 

As he was driving out of the city, he began to think on all the events that just took place and was asking himself if he would do it all over again. He was also still in shock that Carolyn was not going to be around anymore in his life. As he fought tears, he disappeared out of town and vanished.

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