TSS – “Drank & Sativa”

Photo by Joyce Romero on Unsplash

We were bound to cross paths; finally come face to face because those late night texts were getting intense.

All that talk about how much you wanted me.

All that talk about how you’d do my body.

It was time to see if all that talk had action behind it.

I hopped in my car; midnight, making that long ass drive. It wasn’t any doubt in my mind that it wasn’t going to go down the way I imagined but you exceeded my expectations. You talked your shit and backed it right up. The pipe was so good, our future together flashed before my eyes.

Or was it the drank and sativa that had me on a whole new high? Had me completely out my mind?

I’m not much of a smoker and well, the drank makes me feel a little friskier than I’m used to. Combine the two and I’ll damn near do anything you want me to. I’d ride that shit to the moon if you asked me too.

Sitting on your couch, taking that last sip of my drink as you rolled up one more time. I kicked off my shoes, removed my coat and finally got comfortable.

Gazing at the lighter as if it was the brightest candle I’d ever seen, I watched as you put the joint to those beautiful lips and inhaled. Pulling me close you parted my lips and exhaled.

His fingers left the blunt and now his hands were on my thighs making their way up to the buttons on my pants. I wanted to play shy but all those conversations about this night and the way it felt like my body was floating across the room, I was open, like my legs when he made them spread then placed his head between eager to take a drink from my fountain.

I was in a new dimension; having an outer body experience.

I watched from above. I was on a real trip. My body was so in sync with his.

The look on my face as I bit my lip, scratched up his back and gripped his hips screamed never let me go.

The drank and sativa had the both of us floating in my love as I came over and over again.

The room became our ocean and he didn’t mind swimming in it.

Sometimes I see him and tell myself I’d go on that adventure again.




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