He loves ME.. NOT !

It’s safe to say that most of us have found the love of our lives or believed we had at one point. We make ourselves believe that these are the people we will share our lives with, our story, our heart and even our last day. We fall so deep and get caught up in … More He loves ME.. NOT !

If You Left

Life is short but the journey to happiness seems never ending.  You take ten steps forward just to take ten back. Starting back at zero, wondering if there is anywhere left for you to go. Should you start over again or let it be whatever it’s going to be? You say your goodbyes and thank those you love.  Unsure … More If You Left

Unit 8 At 2:58pm

The sound of the screaming 30 feet away, will always be a vivid vocal memory. Chills that stopped me in my tracks as soon as I approached the trauma. My heart sank and my body froze. I could not move. I was stuck from any sudden movement. All the hair on my body was standing … More Unit 8 At 2:58pm

Lifesavers R Us

  I’ve got another story from my sophomore year in college. I had 3 other roommates in our apartment style dorm unit that year. We all had separate rooms but shared a common area and a kitchen. I had two roommates from New Orleans. Ironically, they had the same names as well. I called one … More Lifesavers R Us