If You Left

Photo by Fillipe Gomes on Pexels.com

Life is short but the journey to happiness seems never ending. 

You take ten steps forward just to take ten back.

Starting back at zero, wondering if there is anywhere left for you to go.

Should you start over again or let it be whatever it’s going to be?

You say your goodbyes and thank those you love. 

Unsure of where your going or what you’ll be doing, you leave everyone to worry. 

Forever grateful for the support you received and the memories you were blessed with.

You don’t even stop to think about how it would change everything and everyone if you vanished.

It’s not up to you decide when it’s your time.

There’s a higher power above that will guide you home when you’ve completed your mission on this planet.

I know life is hard and not getting what you want when you want is harder.

But imagine if you left 

Would you have left anything of value behind?

Would you be able to stop the tears from filling everyone’s eyes?

Would you have answers written out for those you’ve left behind?

Imagine the hurt and anger you’d leave behind to follow the ones you love.

It may seem like nothing is going right but you still have so much time.


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