Organized Chaos-Part 5: Love vs Love

DeWayne was a man on fire.

“This fool gonna sleep with my woman and get her pregnant. I’m gonna kill him!”

  DeWayne was riding in his unmarked police car to the precinct. Although he wasn’t the one who filed the report, he knew where he could get the information on Johnathan and where he lived and that person was Det. Danny Watkins, the man who filed the report.

“Hey Danny, what all happened in that report on that Carolyn woman? “

“Well it’s sitting right there DeWayne. You can check it out.”

  DeWayne began to act like he was interested in the case, but he was really looking to see if he could get the information he wanted and there it was He got Johnathan’s address and DeWayne then began to gather his plan. After he thought long and hard about it, he got the perfect plan: He was going to have Rasheeda to do it for him.

  DeWayne would do anything for his sister, but he also would do anything to make sure he was clear as well. He was tied into the murder of Carolyn and as far as Rasheeda knew, he had gotten rid of the gun. He could tell her he lied to her and had the gun still and hold that over her head until she killed Johnathan. And to sweeten the deal, he was going to tell Rasheeda of the burning information he just found out from his girlfriend Cherry. The way DeWayne saw it, he had his out and he still got what he wanted, which was Johnathan dead.

  On his way over to Rasheeda’s place, he got a call from Cherry.

“I’m sorry I hurt you DeWayne. I love you. Please don’t do anything stupid on account of my stupidity.”

  DeWayne heard Cherry talking to him, but he was still fired up from the situation.

“I don’t want to hear it. Goodbye.”

DeWayne hung up the phone as Cherry held the phone crying on the other end.

 Once he reached Rasheeda’s place, he was ready to dive into the plan.

“Rasheeda, we need to talk. You know that guy Johnathan you love so much. Well guess what he did?”

  The look of shock and anger took over Rasheeda’s face as DeWayne told her about her loverboy’s playboy lifestyle and how he got DeWayne’s girlfriend pregnant. Rasheeda was so mad she could have cut glass with her stare. Thoughts of killing Johnathan began to go through her mind as DeWayne then mentioned to her his plan.

“Do you want to get back at Johnathan? How about you put him in the same place you put Carolyn?”

  Rasheeda was a little hesitant to commit to that, as she had already killed one person and wasn’t trying to shoot and kill yet another.

“If you don’t do this Rasheeda, then I might just have to turn in the rifle you shot Carolyn with. I still have it.”

  The look of shock took over Rasheeda’s face as she realized her brother was serious. He wanted revenge, but he did not want to get his hands dirty in the process. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Rasheeda had no choice but to accept the offer and in exchange, DeWayne would dispatch of the gun again. So now that DeWayne had her ready to take out Johnathan, all that needed to be done now is set up the meeting. With Rasheeda still carrying on with Johnathan, the best plan would be for her to come over and seduce him and kill him right then and there while DeWayne waited downstairs.

  As soon as they got everything all lined up, Rasheeda sprang into action. She called Johnathan and then proceeded to talk to him as she did frequently.

“Hey baby. What are you up to? Can I come see you tonight?”

  Johnathan, knowing there was no way Carolyn could stop him from the grave, quickly invited Rasheeda over to pleasure him like only she could. Thirty minutes later, Johnathan opened his door to see Rasheeda standing there in a long, black trench coat. Immediately he was ready to rip her coat off, but instead of that happening, he waited to see what was under the coat. Rasheeda opened the coat to show Johnathan she was wearing only a black lingerie. As soon as she stepped in, the passion ensued, as Johnathan ripped Rasheeda’s clothes off and proceeded to make passionate love to her.

“I love you Rasheeda. Now that Carolyn is gone, I want you to move in with me.”

  Rasheeda acted like she did not hear Johnathan as she continued to make love to him, ending in a powerful climax.

  As they were laying in the sheets, DeWayne was down in his car waiting on Rasheeda to text him that it was done. He was still pissed off, but he was keeping his cool knowing his sister would handle business. DeWayne continued to look down at his watch, waiting for the text to tell him it was time to head upstairs to clean up. A little over an hour after the designated time went by and DeWayne began to get worried. Then, as soon as his worry began to peak, he got the text he had been waiting on all night. It read

“He has been taken care of.”

  DeWayne headed upstairs with a sick grin on his face since Johnathan had been taken care of.  His truest satisfaction, however, would be seeing Johnathan’s dead carcass laying in person. As he approached the apartment door, Rasheeda let him in and DeWayne entered the apartment and then began to wonder around, searching for the body.

“Where is the body?”

“There is no body, but there is going to be one after we kill you.”

  Johnathan emerged from a closet near the front door and stood beside Rasheeda. DeWayne had been set up and Rasheeda had been seduced and sweet-talked into joining Johnathan.

  Right before DeWayne got to the apartment and after Johnathan and Rasheeda had made love, Johnathan had again professed his love and told her what she meant to him. She was in love with him and he had her hooked and there was nothing she could do about it. He also told her about Cherry and the baby and apologized to her while DeWayne was on his way to the apartment. Rasheeda couldn’t stay mad at Johnathan. She loved him, so she would forgive him for the foolish things he did. Also before DeWayne’s arrival, Rasheeda had told the plan DeWayne had of her killing him minus the fact that she killed Carolyn. At that point, Johnathan got in the closet and hid before DeWayne got there, since they had come up with their own plan.

  Johnathan and Rasheeda stood right there beside the front door, as she held her 9 MM with the silencer on it ready to take out DeWayne.

“What about our deal sis? I still got the evidence.”

“There is no evidence to be found if you’re dead.”

  And just like that, she squeezed the trigger, releasing one shot to the middle of his head and as soon as the bullet penetrated his skin, DeWayne was dead.

  As soon as his body hit the floor, Johnathan and Rasheeda worked on disposing of the body. They gathered up all the carpet mat that DeWayne fell on after being shot and put his body in some trash bags. They proceeded to load his body in DeWayne’s car and drive the car to the river. It was there where Rasheeda finally broke and had an emotional moment with her dead brother, wanting to give DeWayne one last hug while throwing his body in the river. Unfortunately, the hug wasn’t much because his body was in the bag and there wasn’t much grip on it either. Splash! The body hit the river, only to disappear in the waves.

  The car now had to be placed somewhere. Johnathan and Rasheeda decided it would be best to put the car at some random part of the city. So, they drove the vehicle to the outskirts of town and just left it there. At that point, it was all done. They got rid of DeWayne the best way they knew and now it was time for them to move on together as Johnathan asked her to move in.

  Meanwhile Cherry was still at the apartment and had not seen DeWayne in a while. Her calls kept going straight to his voicemail and she was getting worried. He hadn’t been missing long enough to file a police report, but he was gone long enough to have her worried. She cried with the thought of DeWayne still being upset at her about the things she did and ending up pregnant. With her running out of places to call, she then called the police department thinking he was where he was last.

  Detective Danny Watkins was near DeWayne’s desk when Cherry called and just so happened to pick up the phone.

“Have you seen DeWayne? He hasn’t come home and isn’t answering my phone calls.”

“I haven’t seen him at all Cherry, but I will begin to look for him if you want me to.”

She thanked Det. Watkins and hung up the phone.

  At that same time, Det. Watkins began to think on the information DeWayne was asking him about and replayed that conversation in his mind. Something did not seem right and he was too curious about the police report he wasn’t the main detective on. It was time to look into what happened and the first person who needed to be contacted was the guy at the scene of the incident he asked him about: Johnathan.

“DeWayne, I don’t know what you were into, but this Johnathan guy is where it may start,” mutters Det. Watkins as he grabs his keys and exits the building.


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