we were friends for many years we began to grow apart i started a bigger conversation she blocked me and it broke my heart.


It was the Summer of 09 when I had a sexual awakening. He was younger, he was sexy, and he was full of energy.  I wasn’t aware of how freaky I could be, but with him I was willing to do anything. Whenever I hear Pleasure P, I still get a little horny. I’m not … More Anywhere

Skin Deep

You praise me for my features. You think that my hips and my lips are so beautiful. You rub my skin as if you’re stroking a brush on a canvas.  You compliment my mind and my personality because they keep you intrigued. You even applaud me for how I carry myself most days.  You adore … More Skin Deep

Sage Goddess

She is divine An acquired taste to emit  Frequencies strong enough to restore spirits She is aquatic  Sending waves that create pools of pleasure Dedicated to preserving all things good beyond measure She is illumination Shedding light upon everything in reach Protecting her energy & keeping her peace She is empowered Heightened by focus Remaining … More Sage Goddess