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Hear My Voice

By Vuyisa Akuchie Hear my voice! “You’re what? I’m black and I’m proud!” This method of ‘call and response’ would be a regular saying in my household, as a reminder that I should be proud of my black skin and my heritage. “Your all a bunch of? WINNERS!” It wasn’t enough to just be proud… Continue reading Hear My Voice

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Quarantine Pussy

With the current state of the world and the pervasive devaluing of black bodies, I need vitamin D. Its like, no matter what we do or how we protest, its a problem for the WYPIPO. And just so we're clear, vitamin D isn't sunlight or orange juice. I'm talking flesh, girth, stroke, pleasure. Sex is… Continue reading Quarantine Pussy

My Life Be Like

Dear (Insert Your Name Here)

Life requires us to perform an overview on those around us. We get use to the comfort of people, places, and even ourselves that we forget to acknowledge our appreciation. If not our appreciation, then just our growth or changed perception. Sometimes our actions aren’t reflective of the words we have in our hearts. Our… Continue reading Dear (Insert Your Name Here)


Hot Girl Summer Or…

In 2019, I have been scaling back on my interaction with the opposite sex. As lonely, horny and bored as I get, I have been putting all my energy into my brand and my web series. However, with it being Summer time everyone has decided to come out the cuts. Its like all the men… Continue reading Hot Girl Summer Or…

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Black Marriage: What Happened to Getting Married and Settling Down?

When I was growing up and going through puberty my mom noticed that I started having an interest in girls. I have this theory that you're not really black if you first started liking girls and the first things your mother told you wasn't , “Don’t bring no goddamn white girl up in my house.”… Continue reading Black Marriage: What Happened to Getting Married and Settling Down?

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Meet Modeling Sensation, Bola Gbadebo

Bolawa Gbadebo, 26, is a Nigerian model from Chicago who recently won the face of Luster Pink. She has been modeling for three years and has a plethora of upcoming projects in the works. Check out our exclusive interview with this talented queen below.   At what moment in your life did you realize you… Continue reading Meet Modeling Sensation, Bola Gbadebo

My Life Be Like

The She Series: “The 10th Anniversary”

Before I get into this series of poems I wanted to give you a bit of background. A few years ago I wrote my first poetry books entitled The Diary of She and then not even a year later I released a part 2 .Never in a million years did I think the first book I released… Continue reading The She Series: “The 10th Anniversary”

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The Duality of Two Worlds, Police Violence, and Racism: Why Everyone Needs to See “The Hate U Give”

  “Pac said Thug Life Stood for “The Hate U Give Little Infants F*cks Everybody. T-H-U-G L-I-F-E. Meaning what society gives us as youth, it bites them in the a*s when we wild out. Get it?” – Khalil Based on Angie Thomas’ debut novel director George Tillman Jr.’s The Hate U Give is a must… Continue reading The Duality of Two Worlds, Police Violence, and Racism: Why Everyone Needs to See “The Hate U Give”


November Off to a Rocky Start -_-

    Hey loves, Check out my Halloween costume! I was a maid if you can't tell. I flew back from San Diego yesterday. I had so much fun! I needed a vacation and it was fun hanging out with my sorority sisters and their friends. We were rolling around San Diego ten ladies deep… Continue reading November Off to a Rocky Start -_-