Hot Girl Summer Or…


In 2019, I have been scaling back on my interaction with the opposite sex. As lonely, horny and bored as I get, I have been putting all my energy into my brand and my web series. However, with it being Summer time everyone has decided to come out the cuts. Its like all the men I was involved with in the last two years of my life plotted to contact me simultaneously and “check on me”. Men I haven’t thought of or wondered about in months have reached out to me to seemingly get that old thang back and I must say its hilarious. It’s hilarious for many reasons…

  1. The fact that men have the AUDACITY to think they can not speak to me for months and we can pick up where we left off.
  2. The fact that they hit me up at booty call hours like I’m an idiot who’s oblivious to their true intentions.
  3. The fact that they mention all the moves I’m making and how proud of me they are to butter me up.
  4. The fact that I put my all into every one of these lame ass niggas and fought until I couldn’t fight anymore and once I am DONE they want to walk back into my life.
  5. The fact that they think months of no communication makes me forget all the fuck shit they put me through.

I was telling myself I was ready for a “hot girl summer” which I equate to sex, free meals and attention from multiple men that contribute to me enjoying myself and living my best life, but truth is I’m TIRED. I’m tired of doing things with no intent, I’m tired of wasting time and energy, I’m tired of being lied to and manipulated when all I want is for someone to keep it real with me and give me a choice. 2018 Michaela would have been out and about every night getting drinks or at somebody’s sons house, but now I have absolutely no desire to live that life. One of the fuck boys who attempted to begin a rendezvous with me as recent as last week told me “We are young, you should just be open to having fun for however long and not trying to be in a relationship and force anything.”

I responded by saying “While I am aware that I am ‘young’ I still know my worth and that men that only plan to provide d*** and a 2 for $20 dinner at Chili’s DON’T deserve my time, my energy or my body.”

I also addressed his “for however long” and added that I am not interested in someone who wants to begin something and plans for it to eventually end. He said he understood and that’s my prerogative, but proceeded to say “Can’t you just make an exception this one time? I’m curious to see where this tension will go.” I said “No thank you.” And that was the end of conversation.

That is when I realized that moving forward I will expeditiously make my expectations and standards clear to anyone who approaches me. Its not about trying to force anything it’s about knowing what you want and not settling. The old me would take what I could get when it came to men. I figured some attention was better than none. But now I know that unless someone has intentions and plans to build, I want no parts.

We are about halfway through summer and there has been no hot girl activity. My creativity has been at an all time high and the last thing I need is a fuck nigga who will only distract me and complain about how busy I am. Queens and Kings I suggest you follow suite. Protect your energy and be selective of who you surround yourself with, because life is too short and the temporary pleasure you feel from being so laid back with your standards is ultimately detrimental. Take it from me, someone who’s been living a hot girl life on and off for five years. It was exhausting and currently being focused and selective of who I surround myself with, entertain or let inside me has given me a peace of mind I never knew I needed.


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