Hot Girl Summer Or…

In 2019, I have been scaling back on my interaction with the opposite sex. As lonely, horny and bored as I get, I have been putting all my energy into my brand and my web series. However, with it being Summer time everyone has decided to come out the cuts. Its like all the men… Continue reading Hot Girl Summer Or…

My Life Be Like

New Weather, New You, New Boo?

Summer is here, which means we’re wearing less and going out more. This calls for bottomless mimosas, brunch, brunch and MORE BRUNCH. We all know that seasonal effective disorder is real. Many of us battle with anxiety and depression and it gets real during those winter months. Now that the sun is making more appearances… Continue reading New Weather, New You, New Boo?

My Life Be Like

Misha’s Room Episode 7: Summer Dreaming

Ayeeeee I just want to pat myself on the back for sticking to my word and not letting ANYTHING hinder me from banging out FOUR solid episodes of Misha’s Room in the shortest, most jam packed month ever! I am Black Excellence hahaha. Don’t mind me y’all, I’m just proud of myself!  Anywho, Welcome back… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 7: Summer Dreaming

My Life Be Like

The Ten Year Crush

I remember it like it was yesterday but instead it was over 10 years ago when I seen this guy's face all over MySpace. Don't judge but he was the friend of the guy I used to talk to. That meme about not cuffing a dude until you see his friend, in this case, was… Continue reading The Ten Year Crush


With a New Season Comes a New Plan

Hey guys! The summer is coming to an end and my goals have changed drastically. My goal was to focus on my career goals, which I have been doing all summer, but now I have a new idea.  I am about to be 25 at the end of this year. Honestly, I need my own… Continue reading With a New Season Comes a New Plan


The Sensitive One (PART 3)

One day I came to Dre's house and he told me to look inside the top drawer of his dresser. I was a little nervous, because I had no idea what would be inside the drawer, but when I opened it there was a key with a note attached. The note read "Here is your… Continue reading The Sensitive One (PART 3)


Slowly Transforming into a Risk Taker

Cherish these nights, cherish these people Life is a movie, but there'll never be a sequel ~ Nicki Minaj Here I am. It is  9:29pm on May 9th... it is a Tuesday. We are halfway through the year and what have I accomplished... a couple things. But now it is time to go all in… Continue reading Slowly Transforming into a Risk Taker


Is Love a Seasonal Thing? #CuffingSeason

Hey everyone! This post is inspired by Eric Bellinger's albums Cuffing Season and Cuffing Season Part 2. I am in love with Eric Bellinger! He is extremely talented and so underrated (along with other artists such as Keke Wyatt, Kehlani and Alessia Cara, but I digress) and these albums are FIRE. Especially for those of you… Continue reading Is Love a Seasonal Thing? #CuffingSeason


FEATURE: The Love Song of D. Nerd McDonald

Hey everyone! This post is to introduce you all to a good/ talented friend of mine. Dominic “Nerd” McDonald has many talents that include, but are not limited to: Poet Host/ Emcee Public Speaker Spoken Word Artist CHECK OUT HIS BIO BELOW! THIS MAN IS EVERYTHING! 🙂 Nerds are smart. That’s what we know and expect.… Continue reading FEATURE: The Love Song of D. Nerd McDonald


Recent Lifestyle Changes

Hi everyone, Tomorrow is Friday and I can't believe it! This week definitely flew by. After all that mess I was talking about this past weekend being boring and uneventful, something extremely eventful took place Monday night. I want to discuss it, but I don't think I am mentally prepared just yet to share, so… Continue reading Recent Lifestyle Changes