The Sensitive One (PART 3)

One day I came to Dre’s house and he told me to look inside the top drawer of his dresser. I was a little nervous, because I had no idea what would be inside the drawer, but when I opened it there was a key with a note attached. The note read “Here is your drawer and a key to our house. I love you so much” I couldn’t believe that Dre got me a key made! Once school ended in May and I had to move out of my dorm, I moved in with him for the summer. Us officially living together was tumultuous AF….

At first Dre and I had fun. We binge watched Criminal Minds and Naked and Afraid and we went grocery shopping every two weeks. I was positive that this was the last man I would ever be with. However, things started getting bad. We would argue once a week over the dumbest things and every thing he did annoyed the hell out of me.

Things escalated the night before Labor Day. I didn’t really drink, and had never been drunk before, but I was so stressed out about my disintegrating relationship that I decided to buy two buzz balls from the liquor store.

I downed one buzz ball and went over to Dre’s house. He was so confused that I was drinking, but I downed the other buzz ball and told him everything was fine. We awkwardly watched TV and the next thing I remember is Dre yelling at me. Apparently I had thrown up all over his kitchen and bathroom. I couldn’t remember doing it, but there was puke everywhere. He yelled at me to clean it up, but I was so drunk that I could barely see straight. Dre called me inconsiderate for getting drunk when he had worked 6AM to 3:30 PM and was trying to go to sleep. He called me crazy and a lot of other names and then he told me to get out. I told Dre I wasn’t going and he literally grabbed me and pushed me outside on his porch. By this time I had an apartment that was three blocks down the street, but regardless I was super drunk and it was 12AM at night… I couldn’t believe he did that to me. I cried and cried and eventually ended up walking to my place. This was one of the worst and scariest nights of my life.

The next day I was supposed to go to a Labor Day BBQ at the Alpha House… that didn’t happen. I used that day apologizing to Dre over and over again. I was apologizing when HE had thrown me out of his house… I couldn’t believe myself. We ended up staying together, but it was still extremely tumultuous and not the same.

The day before our one year anniversary (September 20th) Dre was acting extremely weird. He left me after class (he always waited for me), he had an attitude and he just seemed extremely annoyed. However, I ended up going to his house and we discussed how we couldn’t wait to spend the weekend together to celebrate our anniversary. I was excited!

Later that night I was in my living room with my sorority sisters. As soon as they left, I checked my phone which I had neglected the entire night. The text was from Dre:

“Michaela- it’s been a year and I’m not feeling this. I’m not confused, I know that I don’t want to be with you. There’s nothing to talk about. However, we are still friends so feel free to reach out to me whenever. I don’t see a future with you and I’m done. Have a good night” 

This text message caught me so off guard that I instantly ran to Dre’s house to ask him WTF was going on. When I got to Dre’s, I had to bang on the door, because he was ignoring me. He finally opened the door, but he peeped out and cracked it open like I was a stranger. I kept trying to talk to him and ask for an explanation and he just kept repeating that he was done and he didn’t want to talk. Eventually he ended up slamming the door in my face. I couldn’t believe this man that I had spent every waking second with for the last year would treat me like this. After he slammed the door in my face I stood there in awe. I spotted a big ass rock and I almost threw it through his window, but I saw a cop car nearby and came to my senses. I  walked slowly back to my apartment and I had Lina and Megan meet me there. I sat there in shock all night. I couldn’t believe this bastard broke up with me via text…

The next three months I did my own thing. Dre and I didn’t communicate and when I saw him around campus I walked in the opposite direction. I hated him so much and I wanted something bad to happen to him. I never felt so angry in my entire life.

December came and Dre and I ended up reconnecting. He told me that he was miserable and he realized that I am the girl for him. I honestly wasn’t surprised. Even though Dre and I were only together for a year, I did a lot for him. Dre and I spent a lot of time together December, January and February. He took me out for Valentine’s Day and spent ALOT of money on me. I could tell he was determined to get me back, but no matter what I tried to do I couldn’t get over how everything went down. 

So March came and Dre was being extremely pushy and impatient. He told me that he felt like I didn’t want to get back together, because I was keeping my options open and waiting for someone better. I told Dre that what he did to me was outta pocket and I needed time. I told him that HE broke up with ME so how dare he rush me. He then had the audacity to say “I just graduated from college, I have a new job and my life is pretty much together… all I need is my girl”. Him saying this made me feel like he hadn’t changed at all. He was still the same ole selfish Dre that kicked me out while I was drunk and broke up with me a couple months prior. I was disgusted. Then to put the icing on the cake, Dre mentioned how he was planning to propose to me. I almost laughed.

He told me he wanted to propose to show me he was serious, but I told him don’t do it, because I will say no.

I told him proposing wouldn’t fix all the problems we had and that him doing that would not be a solution. After a long drawn out convo, Dre gave me an ultimatum. He basically said be with me now or I give up. There was a moment of silence and then I said “Um I’ll talk to you later.” After I hung up the phone with Dre that night I never spoke to him again. I deleted his number (he didn’t have any social media) and that was the end of it.

It has been three years since I spoke to Dre. It’s interesting to me how someone could go from “wanting to propose” to just cutting you off, because you aren’t ready after they broke up with you… via text message! After this happened, I started talking to whoever was convenient to pass time. But the worse and craziest relationship I was ever in had to be my last one… I still feel scarred from it a year later and I will never forget what Sebastian did to me.



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