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Don’t Be Tacky On Zoom

As Zoom has becomes our new classroom, it seems people have been a bit too lax. There is a level of professionalism that we must carry ourselves with — even on Zoom. Many people have complained about the rules that are set forward by schools and colleges, but they are necessary. It is important to… Continue reading Don’t Be Tacky On Zoom

My Life Be Like

Hear My Voice

By Vuyisa Akuchie Hear my voice! “You’re what? I’m black and I’m proud!” This method of ‘call and response’ would be a regular saying in my household, as a reminder that I should be proud of my black skin and my heritage. “Your all a bunch of? WINNERS!” It wasn’t enough to just be proud… Continue reading Hear My Voice

My Life Be Like

Homeschooling My 5-Year-Old During the Shut Down.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash When this whole talk of coronavirus came into play I didn't think much of it, yet alone think it would lead to us basically being prisoners in our own homes; unable to enjoy the company of family & friends. It's not like I was much of a social person in the first… Continue reading Homeschooling My 5-Year-Old During the Shut Down.

My Life Be Like

Lifesavers R Us

  I've got another story from my sophomore year in college. I had 3 other roommates in our apartment style dorm unit that year. We all had separate rooms but shared a common area and a kitchen. I had two roommates from New Orleans. Ironically, they had the same names as well. I called one… Continue reading Lifesavers R Us

My Life Be Like

Why Everyday is the Perfect Day to Boss Up

'Cause it's just another day in the life of a goddam boss- Rick RossBy Nicolette Stewart Writer’s block. We’ve all experienced it. It’s been the reason your favorite artist delayed an album drop. Or why you took a fifteen point L on your English paper, when you just couldn’t turn 750 words to 1,000. Writer’s… Continue reading Why Everyday is the Perfect Day to Boss Up

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Top Five Places a Black Man Can Find a “Wifey”

The other day my home girl was at a wine festival on Twitter and the caption read “Where are all the fine men at?” and my first thought was it must have been the city that she lives in, because men go to wine festivals RIGHT??? I mean we like wine and shit too don’t we?… Continue reading Top Five Places a Black Man Can Find a “Wifey”


The Sociopath (PART 1)

The summer after Dre and I broke up I decided to make a Tinder. Everyone was telling me how poppin' it was, so I decided to shoot my shot. As soon as I created a Tinder I started meeting nothing but losers. Just when I was about to delete the app, I ended up matching… Continue reading The Sociopath (PART 1)


The Sensitive One (PART 3)

One day I came to Dre's house and he told me to look inside the top drawer of his dresser. I was a little nervous, because I had no idea what would be inside the drawer, but when I opened it there was a key with a note attached. The note read "Here is your… Continue reading The Sensitive One (PART 3)


The Perfect One

Right before high school started my friend Curtis Philips introduced my friends and I to some high school guys who lived in his neighborhood. We started hanging out with these dudes and they were so cool! Meeting them gave me high hopes about high school, because they were all in the 11th grade and most… Continue reading The Perfect One


The Struggle of being a Tidsoptimist

Hey guys! Today was a long day. I worked, and now I am at home relaxing. I can't believe it's only Wednsday. I feel like this has been a long week haha. I have no idea why. Today I was reprimanded for being late to work. If you know me you know that I am… Continue reading The Struggle of being a Tidsoptimist