Top Five Places a Black Man Can Find a “Wifey”


The other day my home girl was at a wine festival on Twitter and the caption read “Where are all the fine men at?” and my first thought was it must have been the city that she lives in, because men go to wine festivals RIGHT??? I mean we like wine and shit too don’t we? And then I thought about the times that I had been to a wine festival and realized I NEVER was alone…. ….I was with a woman! Are men really that clueless about where to meet good women? Probably!!! Before I get to my list I would like to first define Wifey (in my terms).

Wifey (n.) – A woman who you are unashamed of bringing around friends or family and also has those qualities that make you want to be a better man.

Here is my list:

Honorable Mention: Everywhere!!!

Woman do everything and go everywhere. And I mean everywhere; sports bars, strip clubs, sporting events, etc… That’s where I meet them anyways.

5. Dating App/Site

I bet 85% of single black women have been on either a dating app or site. So statistically speaking Wifey has to be there right? To find her you will definitely have to weed through the ratchets, girls you friend zone, dinner pimps and lost souls just to find her.

4. Speed Dating

Fellas, if I thought more people did this I would put it at #1. Speed Dating is the Dim Sum of dating. You get to have a small plate of 8 to 10 women all in one meal. And EVERY SINGLE one of them is there because they are seriously looking for a relationship. I know this because speed dating isn’t cheap. Average cost is probably between 20-50 dollars so any woman who pays for that is serious. Also, the women who go to speed dating are probably career women who don’t have much time for bullshit. She won’t have a heavy social media presence unless she owns her own business and did you hear me when I said you can talk to 10 of them in one sitting!

Pro tip: If your macking skills are bad, speed dating is the perfect place to practice. The old saying “You know if you will have sex with someone within moments of meeting them.” Fellas, work on that initial moment during your speed dating practice sessions and you will be a Romeo in no time. Trust Me.

3. Wine/Food Festivals

All of these events are filled with women and couples and have a limited amount of single male participation (less competition). Every weekend I am on snap I see women posting vids from their wine festival excursions with all their fine ass friends! Women who go to wine/food festivals tend to be educated, open minded and fun. Also you will get the opportunity to expand your IQ on wine and food. IQ expansion is always good fellas. Next spring or summer make sure to check out a few.

2. Networking Event/Mixer

These events vary depending on the group mixing but the idea is to attend a Networking Event/Mixer that aligns with a passion of yours. For example, if you work in business or want to a networking event is perfect for you. You will have the opportunity to meet many likeminded women.

1. School

The ultimate place to meet Wifey. I think the most sustaining relationships begin in school. Most of the folk that I know that got married to someone they met in school have lasted a while. And most of my friends met “Wifey” there. The reason is because not only do you meet likeminded women but you get to see them navigate the world daily before you even talk to them. So you can learn alot about a person in school before talking whilst in all the other instances mentioned you would just be meeting the person. So the evaluation period is longer and also expectations are low. The women you meet in school aren’t the ones frantic for marriage (that happens around 35). So fellas if you are still in school or know of that one who got away from your school, begin your search there. I am sure you will like what you find.


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