Employed AF

It’s crazy how life can change so quickly. As of last Monday, I officially have a new job! I was starting to panic seeing that it was almost December and I had officially been unemployed for two months, but I continued to apply and got offered a position at an attic insulation company. At first I was hesitant to accept the job, because the hours were M-W from 10AM to 7PM, Thursday and Friday off and 8AM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday. I was so opposed to working past 5PM and working on weekends, but I said F it, because I was desperate.

The first day I woke up for work I sat and contemplated if I should even go in. I really didn’t want to work this schedule. However, I thought about rent being due soon and my lease expiring and got my ass up. Who knew when another opportunity would present itself? I couldn’t afford to be picky. Before the end of my shift, my boss came to me and said “So we are flexible here. Would you rather have Thursdays and Fridays off or weekends?” I was like “Umm weekends fasho!” My boss laughed and said I could work Monday through Friday from 7AM to 4PM. I was so happy! To think I was about to abandon this job on the first day and now my schedule is exactly what I desired. I like to schedule my meetings for QMC in the evenings and go to networking events on the weekends so this schedule was PERFECT. Despite the perfect schedule there is one con about my new job… no benefits. I am about to be 26 in a few weeks (aka the age they cut you off from your parents’ insurance) so I need to have an employer that offers benefits. My dad said he’d pay my insurance for me, but come on I’m a grown ass woman about to be 30 in four years, I need to take care of this myself.

Although I am grateful to be employed, I do want to find a job that offers benefits. I’d also like a tad more pay, but hey at least I’m not broke anymore and I don’t have to do stupid Door Dash. Every single day I would dread doing Door Dash. I hated driving, my car smelling like food and the fact that it would break down to like $10 an hour at the end of the day. Although I want to work for myself and have the ability to work from home, I don’t mind the typical 9AM to 5PM day job… for now.

Every day I am at work I feel unproductive. I am constantly thinking of my business and different ideas I want to explore. I keep a notepad close by and I am always jotting down ideas I have. If only I could focus on my business full time, that would be the life. Answering phones and booking appointments is so redundant and boring, but hey I get that someone has to do it. It’s crazy to think that the owner of this company is younger than me and pulling in hundreds of clients. That alone inspires me and shows me that my dreams are possible. As I’ve been experiencing long days and sleepless nights, I have to keep reminding myself that it is not in vain and will pay off. I’m not going to lie though, I’m tired and still have to adjust to my new schedule.

In addition to getting this full time job, I have been hired to do some independent contracting work for a couple businesses. I am so excited that people have been interested in my services. I hope that I continue to grow my clientele and will eventually never have to work for anyone ever again! That is my main goal for 2019: to put so much work into my business that I see drastic results and growth. It’s crazy how as soon as I got another job, business opportunities started presenting themselves. I went from being depressed and crying myself to sleep to being booked and busy overnight. God is good all the time and I will never loose faith that everything will work out. I even found a new place to live this week! But I’ll tell you guys more about that later. Everyone have a great week and don’t forget to always stay positive.


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