Full Nest, Empty Pockets: Give Me a Second to Get My Shit Together

Affordable housing, isn’t so affordable for young college graduates who are looking to flee the nest. Most of us want to start this new journey of adulthood so we can have our own little safe space for privacy, intimacy, all the lessons that come with adulting in your first apartment, and of course; the joy … More Full Nest, Empty Pockets: Give Me a Second to Get My Shit Together

“Who’s That Girl? She’s So Confident”

Photo by Ian Kiragu on Unsplash Confident – feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured People look at me and assume that girl has got it figured out; the job, which I no longer have, the looks, the great family, the car, etc. They think I don’t struggle and that life is full of lemons for lemonade. They … More “Who’s That Girl? She’s So Confident”

Employed AF

It’s crazy how life can change so quickly. As of last Monday, I officially have a new job! I was starting to panic seeing that it was almost December and I had officially been unemployed for two months, but I continued to apply and got offered a position at an attic insulation company. At first … More Employed AF

Living in My Nissan

When I quit my job, I really didn’t take my living situation into consideration. I have been renting a room in a three bedroom house in Hayward,CA. since January. However, it has been a very rocky road, because me and my roommates have had a plethora of issues and disagreements. It got to the point … More Living in My Nissan

Pressing the “Reset” Button on Your Life is Scary as Hell

We all have to hit the metaphorical reset button on our lives at one time or another and I won’t lie to you, it’s terrifying. But, it tends to work itself out. If you don’t believe me, allow me to walk you through my post-college, quarter life crisis phase… After graduating college in 2013, I … More Pressing the “Reset” Button on Your Life is Scary as Hell

Issa Celebration

So yesterday was my review at my full time job. I was SO nervous, because my boss lowkey chewed me out the day before, because I didn’t complete some tasks she wanted me to. But regardless of that I had told myself that if she didn’t offer me the amount of money I felt like … More Issa Celebration