Issa Celebration

So yesterday was my review at my full time job. I was SO nervous, because my boss lowkey chewed me out the day before, because I didn’t complete some tasks she wanted me to. But regardless of that I had told myself that if she didn’t offer me the amount of money I felt like I deserved, I was leaving. I never confronted a manager about my pay, but my job is so demanding and stressful I was ready to boss up and plead my case. My boss wasn’t in the office yet and my adrenaline was building up the entire day. She walked into the office at like 2PM and immediately called me into her office to have my review. Then she wrote my raise on a sheet of party and it was super close to what I was going to ask for! After all the anxiety I had and pep talks I had given myself, my boss ended up giving me exactly what I wanted. It’s crazy how things work out, but I am very grateful that my worth is realized.

In other news, I have gotten to the point where I have five sources of income; my full time job, I am managing an artist, I am writing press releases for a PR company, I am apart of an event planning company and last but not least I signed up for Door Dash. It is crazy to be even busier than I was before, but I love it. I feel so productive and I know I am even closer to my goal of buying a house by age 32. Oh yeah! That’s my new goal. That gives me 6 years to get my shit together. I figure if I save all the money from my side jobs this goal is completely reasonable. I will use the money from my full time job for my expenses and really be adamant on saving the extra money I get. Even though I got a raise I want to keep living like I’m making the same amount of money. But you know how that is LOL easier said than done. I feel like I’m really out here though, living my best life and making things happen! I have a long way to go, but my progression in the past year makes me very happy. I tend to have high ass expectations for myself and everyone should, but we still need to be proud of our progression and milestones.

There is one big project I have been apart of that I have decided to stop participating in. It was a hard decision to make, but I feel like it needed to be done. I learned so much from this project and made so many connections from it, but at this point I feel like I have gone as far as I can go. It is time to move on and focus on my new endeavors. I just told you guys about all the ventures I am involved in, but there is one I have yet to reveal. I am in the process of plotting and planning it all out so all I have to say is stay tuned! 

This weekend I really just want to to celebrate my raise and promotion. I work so much, but I still try to maintain a work life balance. Last night I went out with my friends, but right before I did Door Dash, which was completely unplanned. But IDK, I love making money, I don’t understand how people sit on their ass all day or work one job. Especially people living in California, working one job is like living in poverty. I have said before, people can call me whatever they want, but they can not call me lazy and I take pride in that. If you guys have something you want to get involved in, just do it. If you don’t know where to start, that’s a whack ass excuse, because it is 2018. We can literally use the internet to find instructions to any and everything, so just take some time to do your research and network. If you really wanted it you have to develop a plan, you can’t just live life waiting for opportunities to fall in your lap. That isn’t realistic. 

With that being said if anybody has any questions for me (or comments) never hesitate to reach out! I have a long way to go as far as my life and career, but I have a small inkling of wisdom to offer haha. Have a good weekend my loves and be safe :).


One thought on “Issa Celebration

  1. Yeah u definitely right we don’t have an excuse not to accomplish whatever we wanna do in life we got all the tools now it’s just a matter of how much you wanna do it. Nice article 😊


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