Autism Social Communities

Jennifer Polite is the founder of Autism Social Communities (ASC).  The purpose of ASC, is to reduce the 80% unemployment  rate amongst the autism population by educating the community through our all inclusive social events, and building a society that fosters diversity and inclusion amongst the autism population. ASC cultivates social skills, language, and creativity while … More Autism Social Communities

The Tech Bubble: Finding Safe Spaces for POC in The Silicon Valley

When it comes to the Bay Area, it’s a special place filled with diversity, booming tech businesses that collide with art and budding communities, historical landmarks and more. Each area of the Bay has its own style and flair, and we can’t help but be proud of where our roots in the Bay have grounded … More The Tech Bubble: Finding Safe Spaces for POC in The Silicon Valley

Issa Celebration

So yesterday was my review at my full time job. I was SO nervous, because my boss lowkey chewed me out the day before, because I didn’t complete some tasks she wanted me to. But regardless of that I had told myself that if she didn’t offer me the amount of money I felt like … More Issa Celebration

Steppin’ it Up

Hey ya’ll! So tonight I had an interview with the Culture Junkies organization. After this interview, two of the founders were walking me to my car and they inspired me so much I had to come home and write about it. I am going to start by defining a term:  guerrilla warfare (n.) the use of hit-and run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular  … More Steppin’ it Up