Steppin’ it Up

Hey ya’ll!

So tonight I had an interview with the Culture Junkies organization. After this interview, two of the founders were walking me to my car and they inspired me so much I had to come home and write about it. I am going to start by defining a term:

 guerrilla warfare (n.)

the use of hit-and run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular                         forces operating in territory controlled by a hostile, regular force.

I had to define this term, because one of the guys said it repeatedly while he was talking to me. He asked me what my interests were professionally and told me that if I wanted to be known and make it I had to practice guerrilla warfare. When he told me this I instantly felt motivated AF. Him using this term meant that I needed to be everywhere and pop up to places unexpectedly so people can see and come to know my face. 

He told me that I needed to be reaching out to people constantly and that “Michaela” is what comes to mind when people think of writing. He communicated how networking is everything and every week I should have a calendar of at least three events I am going to hit up. This was some real ass shit! I feel like I have the right idea and goals, but I really haven’t been networking as much as I should. In order to achieve success quicker and efficiently, I have to be out there and stop being shy and lazy. I have definitely been expanding my network, and don’t get me wrong, I have gotten a LONG way. A lot of people recognize me now and support me, but like my friend was telling me I need to step it up. 

Although my jobs consume my life I can NOT use them as an excuse. I am serious about this writing shit and if I want to be where I want I can’t keep half assing it. Therefore, I am ready to step it alllllllllll the way up this summer. Ya’ll gon see me every damn where even if I’m tired as hell LOL. I didn’t expect the motivation tonight, but I honestly needed it. 

I broke down a few nights ago frustrated about my future and pissed that things aren’t happening as fast as I want, but like my friend told me guerrilla warfare… I should be in all the studios, all the parties, all the events, showing my support and showing people who I am. At 25 this is the perfect age to focus and make moves! I don’t have a boyfriend, children or any physical ailment, so I am literally DONE with the excuses and ready to get it. Everyone reading this pleeeeeease do the same! Summer ’18 is our season.


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