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Exclusive Interview w/ Multi Faceted Creative Jessica Phoenix

Hi everyone! I am excited to share that I recently got a chance to interview the multi faceted creative/ entrepreneur, Jessica Phoenix. Her passion is for living life deeply through connection and her vehicles to connect are the Diaspora, Culture, Arts, Music, Dance, Healing, and Wellness. Please check out the interview below to get to know this… Continue reading Exclusive Interview w/ Multi Faceted Creative Jessica Phoenix

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Paz Ellis on the plight of Citizen Children of Immigrants

When thinking about immigration, it’s easy to focus on the plight of undocumented and dacamented people, as if they were the only ones affected by America’s immigration policy and climate of hate towards immigrants. I am guilty of viewing the citizen children of immigrants as lucky and carefree Americans. That started to change the day… Continue reading Paz Ellis on the plight of Citizen Children of Immigrants

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Get To Know Me

When I started writing for QMC two years ago I came in hot in heavy, writing an article about Oral Sex. You would have thought I was some kind of sex expert or big time freak, which I am not...an expert & I'm light on the freak these days. I realized that through my writing… Continue reading Get To Know Me


Getting ‘Real Reckless’ with Michaela P. Shelton…

Michaela P. Shelton is doing her thing and becoming a force to be reckoned with as she plans to release yet another amazing project. The Queen Media Collective Co-Founder gets real reckless in her web series, Reckless Behavior and gives us an exclusive look into the making of her series. In case you did not… Continue reading Getting ‘Real Reckless’ with Michaela P. Shelton…

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Meet Modeling Sensation, Bola Gbadebo

Bolawa Gbadebo, 26, is a Nigerian model from Chicago who recently won the face of Luster Pink. She has been modeling for three years and has a plethora of upcoming projects in the works. Check out our exclusive interview with this talented queen below.   At what moment in your life did you realize you… Continue reading Meet Modeling Sensation, Bola Gbadebo

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Upcoming Film Caged Birds Will Be Impactful For Young Black Men

Writer and director Fredrick Leach and producer Edwin Walker (E. Micheaux) are the men behind Caged Birds, an independent film about three oppressed black teens living in the suburbs who are forced to cover up the murder of a white bully, when a prank goes wrong. Check out this exclusive interview below! 1. What was… Continue reading Upcoming Film Caged Birds Will Be Impactful For Young Black Men

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“The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !

I really couldn’t find the words to start this article. In fact, I sat looking at the blank page overnight trying to figure out the point I would get across. How I would present myself and my topic to others in an understanding manner. Also, in a way that wouldn't be offensive to others. I… Continue reading “The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !

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T. Carriér is a talented and respected artist in the Bay Area. His final album, Extreme Sacrifices, will be released November 30th, 2018. Check out my exclusive interview with the man himself below and make sure you support this amazing body of work. Also, check out my review of the album here!   Being a… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: T. Carriér


Steppin’ it Up

Hey ya'll! So tonight I had an interview with the Culture Junkies organization. After this interview, two of the founders were walking me to my car and they inspired me so much I had to come home and write about it. I am going to start by defining a term:  guerrilla warfare (n.) the use of hit-and run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular … Continue reading Steppin’ it Up


Figured Out My Next Goal!

Hey ya'll! This weekend was a good weekend. Friday I stayed in, Saturday I did promo for the Warriors playoff game and today I went to Oakhella, which was lit. The most exciting part of this weekend was finishing my article on Shayla "ShaylaBang" Jamerson, the founder of SoOakland. The interview I had with her… Continue reading Figured Out My Next Goal!