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T. Carriér is a talented and respected artist in the Bay Area. His final album, Extreme Sacrifices, will be released November 30th, 2018. Check out my exclusive interview with the man himself below and make sure you support this amazing body of work. Also, check out my review of the album here!


Being a real life student of music for many years—how difficult was it deciding to make this your last album?

Crazy. It took a lot of hard decision making arriving at this point.

Right now I still feel like I can do a bunch more. I can make more albums right now but then I ask myself ‘what would be the end game?’ I know that if I decided to come back to making music I’m stepping away at a place I’m comfortable coming back to, you know? I would be able to pick up where I left off from without any problem. More importantly, I feel like I’ve set myself up for other opportunities.


Being a man that has worn and continues to wear many hats throughout his career (not the purple beanie) . . . What aspect of music are you now looking forward to devoting your time to in the future?

I want to be involved in the guiding of the artist. The whole development and guidance part was something that I lacked. I’ve always been out here doing it myself and I’m sure that had a lot to do with the whole direction of my career now.

If I had someone in my ear from the jump I know that would have been a benefit for me.

Although the way the music industry is ran may never change what’s hopeful is the people in it will.

The production aspect, the creation of the brand, brand marketing, and really ensuring that artist are doing the right things to further their career is what I want to do.


How has being a father shaped your perspective—when it comes down to the music?

It has 100% shifted my energy. Ultimately, it led me to believe that it’s no longer about me anymore. I went from being selfish and conceited to having that “you can’t do none of that shit you used to do” mentality. Having to be responsible for someone else has restructured my entire mindset.  


What is your Mount Rushmore of Wayne albums?

In no particular order:

  1. Tha Carter 2 (that was a game changer for him, he let the world know ‘I’m on my shit’ with that one)
  2. Lights Out (Miss Cita allowed him to curse on this!)
  3. Tha Carter 3 (grammy awards)
  4. 500 Degreez (homage to juvey but he took the crown with this)


When you consider the amount of time, energy, and resources that go into making an album . . . What are you most excited about when it’s finally done?

  1. A) Listening to it solo from front to back
  2. B) Sharing that thang instantly with the world
  3. C) Moving onto next phases
  4. D) Receiving feedback

Man, those are the feelings right there. However, I think it has to do with me and where I’m at mentally in that moment. When I’m making a song . . . I have this foresight. I can’t really put it into words but my first thought is usually “I can’t wait for the people to hear this.”


What are your favorite tracks in your discography?

There’s so much music. I did six projects as Smoovie Baby and another four albums as T. Carriér. A lot of people may not know but this is my 10th album.

The track that stands out the most from the Smoovie era is this one song—it’s the first track off a mixtape called ‘500 Hunnit Degreez.’ I was getting back in my rapper bag on that one. Thinking like “this gonna be the one to let people know I can rap.” I tried to give ‘em the flow. I remember that one making me happy.

Recent favorites though—Feelings, Being Nice, and my latest album ‘Extreme Sacrifices.’


So this is your last album?



Whom have you enjoyed working with the most?

My engineer. He was involved for the greater part of my career. He saw me at my beginning stages, when I was starting to figure things out, and then eventually saw me master the music.

If anybody could judge me he would be the one. He was around when I was finding my voice and my sound. He set the template. I would say he’s been the most important person.


What is your Mount Rushmore of collaborations you’ve done?

  1. Sage (we made a lot of great songs together)
  2. Iamsu! (production wise and verses)
  1. Khyenci (we met, she came up with the song, at that moment it was greatest experience)
  2. Caleborate (I told him I wanted him to talk that shit on a track with me, did the ‘Feelings’ record and he did just that)


Who said this line?

“Black Money let them hoes say ‘Amen’…”



What’s the last song you had on repeat?

Carpe Diem


Can you tell me just how important it is to have confidence in this industry?

There was a time in my life when I felt confidence was the only thing you needed to make it. Confidence is important as far as believing in yourself for sure. Being talented and having the skill is just as important though.


You have to pick one thing from the following list that goes in your stocking for Christmas:

  1. An old Smack DVD
  2. And 1 mixtape
  3. Kobe Bryant’s 81 point performance
  4. Physical copy of Seven Series by William Bender Jr.

I know how big this is for you. I have to support your album.


*** Important last words from the artist***

Shout out to Queen Media Collective!

We have to support black art.

We have to keep it at the root of where it all began.

Some artists are planted in the industry on purpose only to misguide the culture so it’s really up to us to protect real black art.



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