‘Extreme Sacrifices’ by T. Carrier is Available 11/30

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An easy listen and worth repeating were my initial thoughts of ‘Extreme Sacrifices.’

There was the sense of pride feeling one might get knowing that a close friend of yours is good at what he does and is excelling in his career.

Some tracks evoked other emotions and maybe that’s because there are unresolved issues I have of my own.

In Haunted one might notice the artists’ ability to create new meaning from past experiences—the very things that were once hurtful. This juncture in the album serves as an indicator that what’s critical when going through a difficult moment in time is how one perceives their own self and situation.

Developing and growing through the turmoil are a couple common themes because it has been proven that the challenging times aren’t going to automatically disappear when one reaches a certain point in life.

Some of the drama that is brought to the surface can easily trigger memories that lead to unwanted thoughts then maladaptive behavior. However, through the unique perspective of the artist the drama that does rise to the surface is reframed in a way that isn’t self defeating instead it is viewed merely as a reference point to give more insight to active listeners.

I felt validated during the more vulnerable moments of the album — felt as is someone could relate to some of the woes I experience encompassing music, family, friends, and/or close intimate partners.

The story of an artist questioning his love for his craft and all things that matter most is discussed throughout ‘Extreme Sacrifices.’ Some light is shed in tracks like Alive and Happiness Interlude. Then again in Boomerang, one of the more transparent tracks.

The full body of work is to be appreciated as it confronts conflict through talking about the very issues that are most bothersome and taboo in an attempt to arrive at some sort of healthy resolve.

I hear an artist that’s maneuvering the best way he knows how to and taking the steps he believes will produce the most fruitful results.

The album validated that especially while going through a challenging time a relationship with self and even a higher power is more vital than aforementioned relationships.

When an individual or any entity for that matter can affirm themselves it results in an unmistakable, undeniable confidence that is required in an industry where tough skin matters. Tracks like Carpe Diem, The Luv, and Stranded provides any listener with more context to the type of mindset one might develop when there are still tasks at hand on their journey.

The artist behind ‘Extreme Sacrifices’ hasn’t lost touch with the very things that makes us all still feel human. Each other. Relationships. The album depicts an artist that hasn’t entirely lost faith in rap which is the beauty of it all.

T. Carriér out does and defines himself again and again.

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